Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tuesday Movie Club Week 1

Okay, so tonight is the 1st of the year, and the beginning of my online themed movie club. Isn't my painting pretty? 
Anyways, I decided to pick the same movie I started with this morning over on my all vampire blog, for my 365 Days of Fangs challenge.  Yeah, I'm doing another year of a blogging challenge. This time, all vampires, which I think I hinted at more then a few times in the last two months. (I was hyper and can not keep a secret)

The movie I picked, if you haven't been over onto that blog yet today,  was The Dark Crystal. (Day 1 of my 365Days)  A movie that not a lot of people think of right off the bat when they think vampire movies. 

The film itself is about the contrast between life and death, taking life and giving life and what we need within ourselves to keep the balance.

Yes, there are scenes where the Skeksis actually drain and drink the life of the other creatures. There are also a few scenes where there are a few other creatures that act like servants without question. Much like Renfield to Dracula.

That puts The Dark Crystal firmly in the category of a "traditional vampire film"  (I'll get into the topic of traditional vs non at a later date when I have more time)

I'll keep this post tonight short, as I don't want to repeat yesterday's essay length post (nor do I want it to feel like an essay).

till later

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