Thursday, January 17, 2013

Random Thursday Jan 17th

I miss coming into this blog every day and writing about a movie.  Is that odd?  Well, bit of an odd person so deal.  If I hadn't of already had the all vampire blog for the last few years, I would have just done the vampire challenge on here. But I'm one of those who tends to jump in head first like the Aries ram I am.

Been a slow week for movies in general for me. Starting to feel like an addict who is handling withdrawls.  Only my drug of choice is Shaw Video On Demand.

Don't forget, the Book-Movie club is doing American Psycho  for February.  I'm actually very pleased at the number of people who seem interested from the book club side of things.  That was a movie that I did "unofficially" back as part of the Hallowe'en night marathon (part 3) And as we get closer to the deadline for that, I'll have more to say on it.
For anyone who wants to join the online book club side of things, you can get in touch through the Goodreads group

Till later

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