Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Year 2 Mid-Season the Rest of the Story 3

The Nosferatu Adventures
Page 3, Chapter 3

Our heroine found herself trembling now, wondering if the wolves were going to kill her. Then an odd thing happened, they started to shift. The sound of their bones snap crackling and popping caused our not so brave heroine to cover her ears and close her eyes. Because, let's face it, she's a wimp and can't take anything. She stood there cringing and having a mild freak out while the wolves transformed.

"Oh my god man. That's going to give me nightmares for a week." she said as she opened her eyes once the echoing of broken bones had stopped. "Holy Anne Rice novels Batman! You're naked." She brought her vampire themed lunchbox up to her eyes hiding behind it as she tried to be polite and not look. "Owww!" she had slammed the hard metal case against her forehead like a moron.
(But who are we kidding, she totally looked. I mean, really three hot werewolves in human form standing ten feet from her, she's totally going to sneak a peak.) "Okay yeah hi how you doing, you maybe should get dressed now, put some pants on, or a towel, or skirt or you know, championship belt even." 

"That's no fun." the one werewolf in human form said as he took a step towards her. As he did, a swirl of mist wrapped around his foot and half his leg leaving in it's wake a boot and half a pant leg. He seemed to be fully dressed by the time it took him to reach her. Looking over his shoulder, she noticed the other two were also fully dressed.

"Well, what can I say? More then one naked man at a time is too much for me to handle." she remarked.

"You called the Magic Ninjas. They couldn't make it, they're on tour so they sent us instead."  the second one spoke as he scratched at his long hair. "Damn, think I got fleas."

"Hang on. So you're suppose to help me get through this forest?" she asked pointing at the second guy, with the hand still holding her vampire themed lunchbox. It made a clanking sound as she did.

"Actually, we were suppose to help you back at the desert, but you were impatient and didn't wait." the first guy replied.

"But Clive helped. The wiseman."

"Uh Clive?" the third guy raised an eyebrow at her shrugging. "Don't know a Clive?" He turned and started to walk away from her, the second guy following.  The first werewolf in human form, still stood beside her, reaching for her binder.

"What's in here?" he flipped through the handwritten notes on the themes found in most vampire movies. "How is anyone suppose to read this? Your handwriting sucks man." he said closing it tossing it back at her. "Come on, try to keep up. There are rules to everything. Like, when you introduce something at the beginning, you have to make sure it comes into play before the end of the story."  (and pay attention now to the links for the flashback) While they walked, he told her a story about Judgement and one about the End of the world.  The second werewolf guy turned to face them while he walked backwards on the path leaves crunching under foot as he did.

"That's nothing. One time we were out hunting and came face to face with all these Witches It was brutal." he started to tie his hair up in a very smooth ponytail slamming into the back of the third and might I say larger werewolf who had stopped abruptly on the path.

"Seriously? He just finished telling her two freaky bone chilling stories about the end of life as we know it and you bring up a few wand wavers? Dude, have you gone Psycho ?"

"Hanging out with you two all the time, just a little bit." he remarked.

Tune in later for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me.

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