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Year 2 Mid-Season the rest of the story 4

Nosferatu Adventures
Page 4, Chapter 4

Our heroine found herself staring at the large chocolate brown puppy dog eyes of the Second werewolf, and nearly jumping out of her skin. She screamed as his eyes changed from the chocolate brown of a human male to the amber-grey of a werewolf. He stuck his tongue out laughing at her, clearly enjoying himself.  "Anyone ever tell you to pick one colour and stick with it?" she asked trying to catch her breath.

"Yeah this weird writer bitch right before I ate her." he said as he turned back around and started to walk off the path into the deeper part of the darkened forest.

The Third werewolf smirked as he turned flicking his own long hair out of his face. "I remember that. You had heartburn for days afterwards. Told you that you shouldn't of had the jalapeno relish." Our heroine stopped cold in her tracks and was starting to wonder if she would make it even a few steps if she ran? "You look pale. Even for a nerdy white chick." he said grinning wide.

"I'm bored." the First werewolf said stretching. He cracked his neck yawning. "Can we get this over with these clothes are starting to itch?" he said scratching then at his chest and neck.

"Yeah, the sooner we get rid of you, the sooner we can go back to our lives." the Third werewolf said."Now where did he get off to?" he asked referring to the Second werewolf.

"And what exactly do you do?" our not so brave heroine asked, a tremble still in her voice.

"Werewolf stuff." the First werewolf said tilting his head towards her rolling his blue eyes at her. "Why? You want to write about it? Take notes on it? Make a great horror story be a best seller." he growled, snapping his teeth at her. She jumped screaming again. "God, really? Why so jumpy? Come on this way." 

Turning they went in the direction that the Second werewolf had wandered off in. It seemed to our heroine that they walked for hours till they came upon a small stream where they found the Second werewolf hunched over making snarling noises. The larger werewolf whistled getting his buddy's attention. He looked up, his face gleaming from the blood that covered his mouth and dripped from his chin.  A large rabbit lay limp in his hands, streams of blood running down his arms like a crimson rain storm.

"Hey!" the First werewolf screamed at him. "How many times have I said no eating the rabbits!"

"But there are so many of them. Like everywhere." Second werewolf  commented as he tossed the dead animal away then dipped his hands into the stream.

"What about the rabbits?" our heroine asked.

The First werewolf ran his hand through his hair shrugging. "They make him too hyper. He starts zipping around leaping..." he started gesturing wide as our heroine burst out in a mad fit of laughter. "Oh yeah laugh it up. You're not the one who has to deal with him when he's like that. Worse then a kid on a sugar high. Flipping, and leaping and suicide dives from between tree branches."

She continued to laugh until the First werewolf stuck his thumb and finger into her mouth. "Hey what the hell?"

"Sun's rising. Just thought I'd check to see if you were fanged. Wouldn't want to step out of the shadows and have you burst into flames on us. Might singe our fur if you know what I mean."

"You thought I was a vampire? Cool." she straightened her shoulders standing taller for a second. The three men exchanged looks.

"What do you expect us to think? Hum? Name like Nosferatu."

"Speaking of names, we have been hiking around here in shadows now for like five hours, and none of you have bothered to introduce yourselves." our heroine saw a fallen tree and sat down.

"You never bothered to ask." the Third werewolf said smiling wide. "I'm Rolf, that's Reuben..." he said pointing to the second werewolf. "And he's Ripper."

"Ripper?" she swallowed the word like it was wrapped in fear.

"Well, it's Dagan actually but you know how it goes." he pointed to Reuben who was still covered in splotches of blood. "I mean, you wolf out once while on shrooms and slaughter two innocent travelers in the middle of the night leaving their severed arms in the middle of the town square and people automatically assume the worst of you." he threw his arms up then let them slap against his thighs.

"Dude, people saw you like a hundred people saw you do it." Rolf said.

"You say it like it's a bad thing." Dagan shrugged closing his eyes."Can we get on with this please? I have places to go, people to hunt."

"I think I need a flea bath." Reuben said scratching at his ear.

"I warned you not to go gallivanting around the other night with that Otter." Rolf said pointing at his buddy.  Our heroine nearly fell of the tree she was sitting on when she heard him say that. "It serves him right. Acting like a common street mutt just because he's in wolf form."

"Okay, seriously now, we've got a lot of land to cover before we make it to the graveyard." Dagan commented. "And personally, I'd rather not have to deal with the Queen if we can help it."

"Queen?" our heroine asked still giggling.  She heard Reuben make a noise as he made an over exaggerated shiver.

"Trust me, you're going to wish you had some fangs or at lest had packed a big sword or something if we come up against the Queen."  Rolf remarked.

 Tune in later for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me.  (yeah I know I broke my own main rule for doing this, and wrote just story this post and not because I had any new movie posts to flashback to. This was originally part of the last chapter but it would have run too long as one post, so I decided to chop it in half  and make this part the next chapter.)

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