Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fast cars, Giants, and Psychos

The good thing about spending a few days at mom's, is that we rent a lot of movies on Shaw Video On Demand. The bad thing about spending a few days at mom's is that we rent a lot of movies on Shaw Video On Demand.  I am dreading the cable bill when it comes, cause I have to pay for the rentals and the wrestling pay-per-views.   I also tend to bake a lot when I am here, which means eating a lot of cookies and cakes.

So Sunday was a double bill.  2 Fast and 2 Furious and Fast and Furious 3 Tokyo Drift.
The second part of the Fast and Furious films has one of the leads from the first film returning, as an undercover cop trying to break a smuggling ring.  I have to say, it had more the feel of an episode of a typical cop show then it did any of the other F/F movies I've seen so far (to that point I'd seen part 1, 4, and 5) 
The 3rd offering is totally out of sync with the plot of the rest of the series. It seems it is suppose to take place a few years after part four, which adds to the already confusing timeline. All new characters are introduced.   A teenager is sent to live with his dad in Japan after being arrested for drag racing, and while there ends up in a personal battle with a member of the local mob.
I have to say, I liked part 2 better then 3.

Monday I watched - 7 Psychopaths and Mental. Also, I guess you can say, a double bill. 
7 Psychopaths, is about a screenwriter who is trying to write a non-violent film about a bunch of psychopaths, most of which is based on the people he comes in contact with. His best friend being one of them, and his writing partner.   I thought this was one of the smarter films I've seen in a long time. It was witty, laugh out loud at times, and kept the pace strong.

Mental is about a drifter who is picked up on the street by a man who's wife just went into the psychiatric ward and is desperate for someone to look after his five daughters. The kids all believe they are going crazy too, but we soon learn it's just their need for attention that is the real issue. Meanwhile, the drifter is grieving herself after the death of her daughter, and is set on stealing a prized shark from her husband's sea emporium.

Tuesday (today) I watched  Jack the Giant Slayer.  The story gives a fresh take on the old fairy tale, having Jack and a run away princess accidentally create a stalk, and the king's men having to recuse her.
I have to say, after months of waiting to see this film, I was expecting more then what it offered. Bit of a let down. Stanley Tucci was brilliant as the villain in this, and for once, his wig looked good.

Okay, till later.

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