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The Nosferatu Adventues S5 p3

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 134, chapter 134

The Cinema...

"Oh, this is rich. You actually have to sit through part three of that movie." Loki said laughing. "No one has made any kind of advancement towards our little batwing in there." he gestured to the screening room. "Would you like me to up that ante again for you? Add a few more broads in there to distract my wolf pack from her some more? Huh? Cause I can do that."

Bacchus snarled as he ran the intermission commercial again. "Keep your wand sheathed. I'm not counting Dagan out of the match just yet. Did you see how he was earlier? So, did you learn anything from the Ninjas?" Bacchus asked not bothering to look at Loki.

"Bach, he was insulting her. Really really badly. And no, not really. They claim it can't be residue magic. They are like us in that regard, they can sense when their gifts have been used and when they haven't." he let his hand slap against his thigh. "They swear the magic they gave Rolf was drained a year ago."

"He wouldn't have bothered to say anything if he didn't have some...interest." Bacchus remarked.

Loki shook his head making a noise, bringing the now empty popcorn tub to his mouth dumping the few kernels into it. "I'm going to get a closer look." he replied, heading in the direction of the lobby.


Dagan was leaning on the snack counter, his chin practically resting on our heroine's shoulder as he inched his way closer and closer to her, trying to see what she had in her purse.

"What are you doing?" a voice seemed to slither next to him. Dagan turned to find the Seer standing behind him.

"Getting something to drink." the auburn haired male said standing to his full height, rotating his shoulders. "What's it to you?"

"Huh" the Seer gave a chuckle, his eyes shinning. "Really? Cause it looked to me like you were trying to steal her wallet or something."

"Why don't you go back to your little trophy in there and mind your own business." he raised an eyebrow, making a dismissing gesture.

"She left." the dark haired male said, brushing an invisible crumb from his shirt.

"How? We've been in the lobby the whole time, didn't see her leave the building." he turned to gesture to the front of the building. "uh...hang on." Dagan headed across the lobby to the doors, seeing them chained and locked. "What the hell?" The tall male then began pushing and shaking the doors, trying to open them. "We've been locked in." 
The Seer and Leo were suddenly standing beside him, both trying to open the doors.

"What about the back door? Emergency exist." Leo said.

"Yes, right the back doors." The Seer said, moving from them and heading in the direction of the far hallway. He returned a few minutes later, a look of confusion on his face. "Um...they're locked too."

"Oh my god. What's going on here?" Leo asked crossing his arms over his chest. "Think I saw this once or twice in a really bad horror film." He lowered his chin, pulling his sunglasses down his nose, looking back and forth from one to the other. "Neither of you looks too dangerous...yet."

Dagan stomped across the length of the lobby picking up the receiver of the lobby pay phone to find it broken. The cord having been cut. "Okay, this is like a really bad trip. Did someone slip something into my food?" his bottom lip turned down in a pout as he shifted his weight slightly, first turning to Leo then towards the Seer, pointing the disembodied phone at them.

Our heroine walked past them towards the screening room again, a small popcorn in one hand, and a pop in the other. "You three not sticking around for the final movie?"

"We don't really have a choice." the Seer said, waving his hand towards the chained door. "We got locked in."

"Mm..." she swallowed a large gulp of her drink. "Yeah, they do that during matinees. Cause of the high school kids." she pointed to the main doors with her popcorn. "They were sneaking in and stealing from the snacks counter, having sex in the screening rooms that sort of thing."

"And you know this how?" the Seer asked, a large grin on his now embarrassed face.

"I have no life. I'm here at lest once a week." she moved to where Dagan was standing by the pay phone still, taking the broken handle from him. "That's been broken for years." her voice held a hint of  delight. "Movie's about to start."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Scared you for a second there didn't I?)

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