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The Nosferatu Adventures S5 p2

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 133, chapter 133

A year and a half ago...

He sat with his back against the wall of the old church, a medium sized branch in hand, whittling it into a point with his long glass like nail.  Every so often he would look up from under his lashes, from under the small patch of bangs that had fallen across his eyes, at the people as they came out of the tavern. A familiar scent crossed his nose, forcing him to look up from what he was doing, across the small main road of the village.
Dagan brought his knees up even tighter to his chest as he waited, watching the female as she proceeded to half carry her husband out of the place and down the road to their home. Every day at night fall, she did this, and every day Dagan watched her from his seat across the road, in front of the old church. That was Dorothy and Bart, the village tailor and seamstress.  He continued to sit, his branch half the size and as sharp now as a knife.
Another scent invaded his nose, along with the low rumbling sound of drunken singing. He didn't need to look up to know that the village doctor was making his way home. Another three minutes, and just like clockwork the mistress of the mayor would make her way to the tavern, like she did every third night. The mayor already there. He was interested to see what would happen when the mistress saw him tonight with his wife. It was after all, their anniversary. Dagan was eagerly hoping for a fight, for blood, for someone to realize they could do better.

But, the werewolf wouldn't get the chance to find out. His ears began to twitch with the familiar sound of Rolf's whistle.  The male made a sound of frustration, getting up brushing himself off and headed in the direction he knew Rolf would be.
It only took him a few minutes to catch up with the larger male up by the edge of the lake. "What's the what?" Dagan asked lackadaisically.

Rolf sniffed the air as his buddy sat down beside him in front of the campfire. "You were in town again." his voice was gravely as he continued to turn the large pickerel over the flames. "You need to stop torturing yourself there man." Dagan turned away from him, scratching at the back of his skull, messing up his hair. "What's that? You want to play fetch?" Rolf teased gesturing to the shaved wooden branch the other shapeshifter still held in his hand.

Dagan shrugged. "Had this strange dream about a vampire a few times this week."

Rolf shook his head. "There haven't been vampires in this kingdom in over twenty years. I actually think they are extinct."

"How can vampires be extinct? They are immortal like us." he replied gesturing between himself and the other male, a slight grin on his face, showing off his dimples. Rolf shrugged grinning himself, flicking his hair out of his face. "Did you want something or did you just pull me away from my nightly entertainment to mock me?"

"First off, I don't know why you insist on hanging around the village, when everyone is scared of you. Not too mention, it's your own fault that the baker's wife has started to lock the doors and windows with silver chains..."

"Hey..." he pointed the wooden stake at Rolf. " took me almost three days for the burns to heal from that little stunt of hers."

" were sneaking around her like a crazy stalker, she had every right to lock you out."

"She smelled so good though, with the vanilla and the honey..." Dagan said leaning back then suddenly bending to pick up a water smoothed stone, tossing it into the water.

"Doesn't give you the right to break into the bakery."

"Only once man."

"Dagan! You were found naked huddled in the kitchen covered in icing, having eaten four wedding cakes."

The auburn haired male rubbed his hand over his stomach. "What's your point?"

Rolf made a sound of disgust as he shook his head again. "Never mind." he handed him a small pot telling him to fill it from the lake. "I had a strange visit." he sniffed. "A witch. Wants my help."

"For what?"

"Apparently, he was sent by the prince of the next kingdom to get someone out of our Queen's prison. Said if I help him, he can help me get my brothers out of there too."  he scratched at his jaw.

"Wait, your brothers? In prison? And you trust this guy is telling the truth?"

Rolf shrugged. "I haven't heard anything from them in the last few weeks, and you know how often we bumped into them."

Dagan made a clicking noise, as he ran his tongue over his teeth, his eyes darting back and forth. "And you're worried about that? They're grown men, living with human wives. They choose not to have a pack, not to live the way we do." he shrugged his hands out to his sides palms up.  Rolf flicked his hair out of his face having to agree. "Tell you what, if you have any thought that he might be right just a sliver, then go and see about what he needs. But you're not going alone. Reuben and I will come with you."

"Thanks man."

"Where is Reuben anyways?" Dagan asked.

"Most likely chasing rabbits again."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  Anyone else thing Rolf is about to step into it?)

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