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The Nosferatu Adventures S5 p1

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 132, chapter 132

The Cinema...

They were a half hour into the second movie, our heroine sitting back in her original seat beside Ash, in the front row. The werewolf was chasing his intended victim, a woman, through the woods when Ash leaned over to whisper in our heroine's ear.

"Notice how the sun is suddenly in the background..." Dagan said leaning in between them, his glasses back on his face, his right arm suddenly around our heroine's shoulders, his other elbow leaning on Ash's shoulder.

"Not really." Ash commented brushing Dagan's arm off of him. "Dude, can you sit back a bit?"

"Yeah but I don't want to." he said flatly, chewing on a piece of gum. "Gumball?" he held yet another baggie of candy out between them. "No?" 

"Dude, come on. Enough." Reuben said putting his hand on Dagan's shoulder pulling him back, forcing him to sit back in his seat. "Leave the woman alone."

"He's not bothering me." our heroine's voice was hushed. "It's cool really." she blushed, waving her hand at them.

"See, I'm not bothering her. I'm bothering him." Dagan stuck his tongue out, then grinned showing off his dimples. "At this point buddy here, is wondering if it's worth his time to continue sitting there beside her, or if he's ready to give up and leave?"  The auburn haired male started to move in his seat, unable to actually sit still. He leaned across Reuben, then sat back, then leaned forward again, his one knee bouncing the whole time.

"What is wrong with you?" Reuben asked, laughing.

Dagan shrugged. "Nothing's wrong with me. I'm just in a good mood." he shifted again in his seat, dangling his arms over the back of our heroine's chair once more. "Seeing one of my favourite movies, meeting new people, talking to this lovely lady right here. And when I say lovely, I mean it in the sense that you're charming, not in the sense that you're pretty, cause you're not really, but you seem really nice."   Reuben shook his head, his hair flying everywhere as he mouthed the word 'wow' hearing Dagan's mediocre attempt to cover up his insult. "I mean, you don't look anything like that chick back there..." Dagan turned slightly in his seat, pointing to the new chick who was still sitting with the Seer in the back row. "...she's like what, a 100 pounds less then you, she's dressed like she knows she could be a model, she's hot. Now that's a solid nine, and you're..." he scratched at his temple. "...in this light I can't tell, are you wearing make-up? I'd say with make-up and a nice dress, something classy in black or something, a solid 2.5. I mean, if you lost like 70 pounds, you would be more..." he made a grunting sound."Ask any of them." he gestured to Reuben, then Leo and Rolf. "They'll tell you. You're cute but, you don't really induce thoughts of shacking up. But you..." he closed his eyes before turning back to look at our heroine. "...you're someone I can talk to." he tilted his head to the side, still chewing on the gum.  Our heroine picked up her purse and left the screening room.  "Where is she going? Hey...hey! The movie's not over. You're going to miss the best part, where the werewolf's uncle rapes his girlfriend..."  Another smile crossed his face, as he got up and started climbing over everyone running out after her. He noticed the door to the ladie's room was just creaking closed. Stopping short, he waited for a moment, his arms crossed over his chest, his shoulders pressed against the wall.
Counting out loud to twenty five, he decided to enter the bathroom. "I know you're in here." he slammed his fist into the wall as he walked through the room checking for shoes. Stopping Dagan knocked on the stall door. "Hey, sweetheart, you fall in?" The word 'sweetheart' dripped from his lips with all the sarcasm and venom he could fit into it, like a dagger dipped in blood.

The door opened angrily, as our heroine walked out. "Prince Charming I presume." Dagan nodded, his mouth open, his eyes half closed, head tilted back.

"Uh...yeah." he stood there while she moved to the sink. Our heroine looked at the tall male's reflection in the mirror. She watched as he stood there, reminding her of a lost puppy.

"Okay, I'll bite. What is it you really want?" she continued to stare at his reflection refusing to turn around. "It's obviously not my friendship."

Dagan shrugged as he played with the door of the nearest stall, swinging it open then close, then open again. Dropping his hand to his side, he slowly moved towards her, stalking her. He realized he still had the glasses on, quickly grabbing them, tucking them into the neck of his shirt. A grunt escaped his throat, as he moved to stand beside her, reaching his hand out about to gently  punch her shoulder, hesitating; biting his bottom lip. "It's going to sound really crazy and I mean really shacked up crazy, but...but, I have had this feeling all day that I know you."

"Yeah, that is crazy." she replied, finally turning to face him. "But that doesn't answer my question. What do you want?"

"Uh...I'm not sure." he leaned in closer then sniffing her. "You smell weird."

"There's that Prince Charming again."

"No seriously, you don't smell like..." he sniffed her hair again, bending to her neck then shoulder. "...like other women. I mean, no perfume, no fruity shampoo..." he clutched his hands behind his back, millimeters away from resting his forehead on her shoulder. "You're really short. How tall are you?" he said bringing his right hand then to rest on the top of her skull.

"5 '7. Why?"

Dagan shrugged once more, licking the corner of his mouth. "I don't know, you just seem really short." he moved his hand then to the side making a bouncing motion, swaying as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other. "You wanna get something to eat?"

"Didn't I see you have like a burger and fries less then an hour ago?"

The male shrugged again, making a face as he blinked twice. "I don't know. Just given your size..." he held his hands out indicating she was a plus size woman. "...thought that would be the thing to ask. You seem like you wouldn't turn down food."

"Anyone ever tell you you're a total dick?"

"All the time." he continued to sway, getting even closer to her. He grabbed the neck of his shirt between his teeth, making a sucking noise. "So, do you?" he then ran his hand through his short hair fixing it.

"Are you on drugs, like right now?" she asked, clutching her purse strap to her shoulder. The male cracked his neck making another face as he thought about the comment.

"I had a few shots of bourbon during intermission."

"I don't know what your deal is but, I'm going to go finish watching the movie." she moved from him, heading back to the screening room. Dagan stood there for an extra minute, a smirk on his face as he scratched mindlessly at his right shoulder. Bending deep at the knees he made a snarling gesture as he stood up to his full height again, of roughly 6 '4, as he started to sing to himself.

"I've got a razor in my pocket...something something can't remember the words...cause it's 1888...no like it's 1888...cause I'm the ripper...they call me..."


"Wow" Reuben said his eyes wide. "That guy is off his marbles. That was just..."

"Mean." Rolf butted in. Looking at the floor. "Two minutes ago he was acting halfway jealous of her sitting next to Ash here, and then he does that." he shook his head, sniffing. "What's wrong with him?"

"I don't know but...that was harsh." Reuben rubbed his palm over his knee, suddenly feeling nervous. "I mean, it was the truth, but he didn't have to say it to her face."

"Or even so bluntly." Rolf added with a grin, little laugh lines appearing around his eyes. "What do you wanna bet she's long gone by now?"

"I would be. That was humiliating." Reuben said flicking his hair out of his face. "Even if there is like no one here." he shrugged. He felt a tap then against his chest as Rolf pointed to the door. They watched as our heroine walked back in, anger drifting off her in waves. "Brave or stupid?"

"Brave. Very brave." Rolf cleared his throat. "I feel sorry for her. And a bit guilty. Just being here when he said it makes me feel guilty."  they watched as she took her seat once again next to Ash.
Leaning over, Ash asked her if she was alright?  Nodding, she pointed to the movie indicating she wanted to him to be quiet.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me (straight up story. I'm suppose to write something cute here...I need a hug)

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