Monday, April 7, 2014

The Nosferatu Adventures S5 p4

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 135, chapter 135

The Cinema...

Dagan sat in his seat, between Rolf and Reuben, chewing on a gummy worm, the end of it hanging out of his mouth. He leaned forward, his mind not on the movie but on the two people now sitting a few feet away from him in the first row.  Our heroine had abandoned her seat in front of the three males, to sit just slightly to the right of them beside the Seer.

"I can't watch this anymore." Reuben said getting up moving away from them.

"The movie's not that bad given it was done in 1950." Rolf commented.

"Na, not the movie, him." he pointed to Dagan. "He's like a little kid."  Scratching at his jaw, he left the screening room, heading for the men's room. Removing the fedora, the male sniffed, wondering just how he had ended up there? Work had been fine the last few weeks, hit all the press junkets he was scheduled for, did all the photo ops, and then the call from his agent few hours ago, just as he was walking into the meet and greet, telling him it was cancelled. His original thought was to just head back to the hotel, but when he walked back outside, something caught his eye.
He remembered feeling like he wasn't connected to his body, as if it was moving on it's own, his mind elsewhere as he found himself standing in the lobby of the cinema, the need to buy a ticket for the movie marathon jamming his senses.

Shaking his head, the male splashed water on his face, a strange ringing in his ears forcing him to shut his eyes tight. He knew what would follow, what always followed. The dizziness, the skull shattering headache and the sense of panic. The doctor told him it was nothing, over stressed from work, that all Reuben needed was a month off. What he hadn't told the doctor was that while making Death of the Crow People 4, he'd fallen pretty hard, slamming the back of his skull against a steel railing. And that was after a stunt went wrong with a steel chair.

"Hey can you give me a lift?" a voice asked behind him. Reuben mumbled no as he turned to look at the guy, only there didn't seem to be anyone there. Grabbing his hat, he started to head back to the lobby when a force knocked into him, sending him flying backwards into the wall. Reuben was out cold, a small trail of blood seeping from the back of his skull.
Getting up, he looked at himself in the mirror, sighing. "Now that's the trouble with beautiful people, everyone wants a piece of you. But, only some of us know how to have all of you." he grinned at his reflection. He flexed and unflexed his left hand, punching the air as if fitting on a glove.

Turning, Pan left the security of the bathroom and headed back to the screening room.

Entering the darkness of the room, Pan had to wait for Reuben's eyes to adjust to the lack of light. He hoped he wouldn't have to stay in this reality for long, as human Reuben was much more vulnerable than werewolf Reuben. Spotting our heroine, he made his way to where she was sitting. 

The male gave a sigh of disgust at the realization that the Seer was beside her. Pan hadn't counted on the witch being in that reality as well. Even here, the witch would be the strongest among them. Pan just hoped, that the Seer was unaware of it.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Well, what can I say, everyone wants some of Reuben)

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