Monday, July 13, 2015

Coffee talk July 13th 2015

Morning Spudguns!  It is I, your heroine, Ardeth Blood, aka creepy vampire lady, aka Nosferatu aka...yeah we all get the picture.

I just realized it's been a week since I posted. I don't even know how that happened, other then my days seemed to blend into one the last few days.   Been working on some of the crafting projects for the "what that movie inspired me to do" posts coming up in October for Hallowe'en season. Some very unsuccessfully I might add.  Between the hot glue, the gathering of materials, the lack of hand eye coordination with sewing, and the sandpaper, my crafting ideas leave a lot and I mean a lot do be desired.  Not too mention the cuts and burns on my hands. 
But, if I can get them even half way done by Hallowe'en then mission semi-accomplished.
Speaking of Hallowe'en season, I've jumped ahead and gotten my theme week sorted for October month, which you know is not as easy as you would think. Specially given I did the vampire theme week already.

Speaking of disappointments, I was completely jazzed to find out that last week on the 7th, Witches of East End season 2 was released on dvd.  Only, it seems not in Canada. The one place I was able to find it available, was sold out on pre-orders. That totally blows right...but shows you how popular the show really is.

And now coffee. Much much needed coffee.

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