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The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p24

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 224, chapter 224


"So, how are you feeling?" Loki's voice was nothing more then a hushed whisper as our heroine entered her bedroom to find the dark haired god stretched out on her bed. He batted at the fringes of the large curtained tapestries.

"My boobs hurt all the time, but otherwise spiffy. Yourself?" she closed the large wooden door, not wanting any of the servants to see him.  Loki patted the bed beside him. "I would ask if that was an invitation, but knowing you I know better." she crossed her arms giving her boobs a lift. The god made a clicking noise with his tongue winking at her.

"You ready to go?"

"Go where?"

"Back to 2015. Where your pack is, where your sire is, where your son is..."

"Your son. I was just the carry on luggage he hid in while he crossed the border. Me..." she shrugged making a duck bill. "I'm fine right where I am. No passport." She gasped for air as the god waved his hand then made a gesture like he was tugging her towards him on an invisible rope, causing our heroine to glide towards him as if on a conveyor belt.

"That trick never gets old." he winked again tilting his head to the side patting the bed once more. Our heroine grunted as she flopped onto the mattress, unable to reclaim control of her limbs. "Now that's what I call curb appeal." he growled running his hand down his stomach locking his fingers together. "You don't want to go home." He shrugged. "That's fine. Really. The boy doesn't need a mother he can just be an orphan. I mean, male lycanthropes have been raising their kids alone for centuries. Why should this be any different. Besides there is double the amount of werewolves here for you to shack up with." he said it all with a straight face as he began petting the top of her hair. "Packs!" he let the word form like a hiss. "Two of them."  Loki trailed his palm down our heroine's spine, as he leaned in quick grabbing her, pulling her down beside him on the bed. "Now that we know you'll survive the birth any one of those beasts will be lining up for their prize. Keep it single births of course, at lest for the next few years, then gradually let you start having liters."  The dark haired god brought his left hand up behind his head as he continued to tease the female with his other arm, which was wrapped around her tight, his thumb making small circles on her hip.
She tried to move from him, but he grabbed a hold of the back of her neck, digging his nails into her pale flesh enough to cause her to bleed.  "What? Did you think I was done with you?" Loki snickered. "The experiment worked. A banshee gave birth to a werewolf. That's talent."  He leaned in just a centimeter licking her from the edge of her collar bone to her ear. "And I want some more." he rolled over, pinning her to the bed, straddling her. "Enough for a whole hockey team."
The god let out a deep sigh as he started to toss miniature green orbs at her watching them bounce off her face, her neck, her chest before disappearing. "And I think...I think we should do this the old fashioned way." he let the orbs grow from the size of peas to the size of grapes, still tossing them at her. "Let some of the other bloodlines expand. So who's it going to be? You going to be the mate of  the pack alpha of the Oakens, or the Blacksmiths of the other seventy or so packs out there you've never met?"

"I will not."

"Wrong answer." he snarled as he leaned over biting a chunk out of her neck, the blood filling his mouth in a gush as it sprayed them both, splattering on the wall for the briefest of seconds before her wound closed up. "Healing even quicker then before. Your body is adapting even as we speak."

"I'm not going to do it."

"You don't get it. This is what you were designed for. My bloodline, Bach's bloodline." he clapped his hands together sounding like thunder. "In one female. One beast that can not die. Strong enough to survive being a werewolf. To survive giving birth to the very things that sired you. You breed for me and then when it's Bach's turn to play with you, you bleed for him. Done deal."

Rolf's Kingdom...

The auburn haired boy sat at the stairs of his uncle's throne, a small doll in hand. It was still freshly made, smelling of wet dog fur, causing him to rub at his nose over and over again. The poppet nothing more then sticks wrapped with werewolf fur, another of the trinkets the alpha had left for him. No one said his name anymore out loud, but somehow, the little one just knew. He'd heard stories of when his uncle Rolf and Reuben had been members of a strong pack, long before he had been born.  Before the pack had split between his uncle's kingdom and the Queen's, where the Darkest Forest was. That's where the alpha had returned to. Living he was told, in the old witch's cabin.

The boy sniffed again, turning on his spot to stare at the wall behind the throne. Tilting his head just an inch to the side, he squinted his eyes. He knew he wouldn't come into his lycanthrope side for another few years, but if he concentrated really hard and stayed really still, he could sense things.

There just to the left of him, a small tornado of dust began to swirl sending a shiver through him. That exact moment, Tombstone ran into the room growling, as he stood between the boy and the wall.  It began to crack revealing a small black hole just as the boy felt the hellhound's body pressing against him, urging him to move out of the way. But the little one was frozen in fear.

Instinct took over, and he screamed for help, shattering the nearest mirror, nearest set of wine goblets, causing the hellhound to whimper and shake.
A set of strong arms swept the little one up quickly, one hand over his mouth rushing him out of the way in a blur.  Reuben didn't make it out of the room quick enough though, as the figures emerged from the portal. The room settling just as quick as it had opened.

The dark haired male stood just inches away from the edge of the stairs behind the throne, a couple of feet from the now repaired wall. A small dark haired boy in his arms.

"William, say hello to your great great grand nephew and your brother." 


Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Family feud anyone?)

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