Thursday, July 2, 2015

Theme Week part 2-Clearly Canadian

Men with Brooms

plot: After the death of their coach, former team mates return to their small town for the reading of the will. In it, their coach's last wishes are for the curling team to regroup playing one more big game. With his ashes in one of the curling stones.

This is a 2002 comedy-drama starring Paul Gross and Molly Parker.

Can I start by saying how bloody difficult it was to first find this movie and second get through it with all the tech issues.   The construction here caused power outages/surges more then once knocking my internet out and causing me to have to restart the movie, not once, not twice, but four times. I think I know the first half hour now off by heart.  I literally spent a full day watching this movie. (I watched it on Sunday and waited till now to post)

There is a sub-plot happening with one of the character's trying to have a baby, and the way they handle the "sex scenes" are extremely funny without being vulgar. 

The main themes seem to be about forgiveness, loss, hope, honesty.  There is a love triangle happening between the Paul Gross character and the two lead females, while touching on the topic of death both from his character having lost his mother to the two sisters having just lost their dad.

I do like the fact this is a buddy movie on one level, having the team mates working together to advance in the tournament. As well, there is a scene that breaks down how curling works. Which, I am ashamed to say, I had no clue about till I saw this movie. Curling was always on the television growing up I just never bothered to pay attention. This movie will make you want to watch, or take part in a game.

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