Monday, July 20, 2015

Coffee talk July 20th 2015

Spudguns!  it's just before 9am here where I am. And I'm about to have my third cup of coffee for the morning.  Already, I've got the theme weeks planned out leading into Year 5 of the blog. With October being the "13 Days of Hallowe'en".  Which will be little more then just movies for that extended theme week.

Providing I get everything finished in time.

I've got something cooking for September too that I am already working on.

Do you like movie posters?  I do. I collect them. For years, whenever a movie rental place in town would either clean out their old posters or even go out of business, I was one of the first ones there grabbing anything I could get my hands on. Now, it's so much easier, cause if you've got the money you can order them. I sense a new addiction in my future.
I spent an hour this morning going through some of my collection looking for one in particular. Which I didn't find. I can only assume it got lost when I moved last year. Little heart broken, cause I can't find another copy.  Let me rephrase that, can't find another copy that I can afford.  Collector's prices are not always easy to achieve.

till later

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