Saturday, July 4, 2015

Theme week part 3-Clearly Canadian


plot: Small town cop Lou Garou, is called in to investigate a bunch of disturbances in the woods on the edge of town and is kidnapped. He wakes up the next morning with a pentagram carved into his chest and only flashes of memory. He is then called in to investigate a murder in the woods. Once there, he realizes he saw the victim the night before while having been kidnapped. This happens to be the night of the full moon, and he turns into a werewolf. His best friend who owns the gun shop, has been researching werewolf mythology and convinces him to let him help, by locking him up for the night in the police station, only they get a call about a robbery. The two then head out to stop the crime in progress. Before the night is over, Lou gets kidnapped again, and we learn he was made a werewolf by a group of  occultist changelings who want his blood.

This is a 2014 comedy horror starring Leo Fafard and Jesse Moss

There are a couple of nods to other movies/shows in the genre, Ginger Snaps trilogy being the obvious with actor Jesse Moss being in both films, and the peeing blood scene which is similar to GS as well, as the line about "you may or may not start to get your period".
The style of the wolfman costume is just that, like the old throwbacks to the classic Wolfman starring Lon Chaney, and even the one similar in Monster Squad which was played by Jonathan Gries. With real stunts and practical effects. I do love a movie that goes through the trouble and time to do make-up/prop effects. There just isn't enough movies doing things this way anymore.
And there is just a small nod to Teen Wolf, with some of the car he doesn't truck surf...but he does have his "wolf mobile".

The fact the lead character's name is Lou Garou, which is a play on the French version of werewolf or wolf man (loups garoux, loup-garou) was genius.

This picks some of the best pieces of previous werewolf culture and mixes in just enough of an original idea that it's more then enjoyable. I do love a movie that has a fresh take on things, and the addition of the other type of shapeshifters is new.

I can't wait for the sequel.

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