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The Nosferatu Adventures s10 p6

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 254, chapter 254

Out of Time...

Loki stomped into the office, searching for our heroine. He found her in the filing area two stacks of files at her feet, and a large drawer open. Grabbing her by the upper arm, he dragged her off into the elevator. He said nothing as they waited for the elevator doors to open onto the penthouse. It was only after they were safely inside away from any clients that might walk into the office, that he finally let go of her arm. Flinging her around so she was facing him, the dark haired god ran his right hand over his face, tilting his head down his hand now straggling the air between them.

"How do you know Arthur?" his voice was raised as he leaned in closer to her, his left hand now at his waist. "Huh?"

"He came into the occult store one day when I was there. Why?" our heroine asked confused. "How do you know him?"

Loki shook his head licking his lips. "Doesn't matter now. Cause you ruined it! Shacked it up big time!" his jaw became taunt as he let his brown eyes shift to the amber-grey of the wolf, his mouth in a pout. "I have been keeping things under control with the police." he was pointing then towards the wall. "Throwing them off the The Seer's trail for years. Each new detective they have assigned, I've been there tossing him a bone, like a new chew toy keeping him busy, looking in the wrong direction. But because you had to slut around Arthur is closer then ever."

"Okay what?" she blinked twice trying to understand what he was getting at.

Loki took a step closer to her, angling himself so that there were no gaps between them, his forehead touching hers. "He's been Frankensteined!" he nearly spat the words. "You shacked him, and somehow managed to have the same effect on him as you did that time you claimed Reuben." He waggled his fingers by his ear. "Two big grey-white streaks in his hair right by the temples. Just like you had the first time you shacked Dagan and he claimed you."

"How could I claim Arthur? He's human?"

Loki's right hand was at the back of her neck in lightening speed, as he startled her. The kiss was rough and quick, broken before our heroine knew what was happening. "You didn't claim him. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to do that." he saw the blush turn her normally chalk white skin a deep beet colour as the heat spread across her cheeks and nose. "You Frankenstiened him. The curse remember."  Our heroine closed her eyes trying to catch her breath still reeling from the whole thing. Nodding, she licked her lips remembering about the old curse. The wives that married into the family ended up with the streaks. It was in itself a mirror of the werewolves claiming.  A shiver ran across her shoulders as she felt the cold air returning around her, Loki having finally moved his hand from the back of her neck. "You forget you're chalk full of Frankenstein-y weirdness. Being sired by Dagan, having been brought back from the dead by Victor. More than once, his blood, Dagan's blood running rampant in your veins." Loki growled. "And now, Arthur doesn't need to go hunting down the strange and unusual, you've brought the strange and unusual to him. Dropping it right in his lap."he sniffed, moving first away from her then stopping placing his one hand on the wall his head down. "This is why so many of us have stopped interacting so openly with humans, or even creatures such as yourself." his shoulders shook briefly, our heroine couldn't tell if Loki was laughing or trying to hold back his anger. "It's exhausting. Physically, emotionally, magickally. I had blended in. Did you know that? Huh? In this reality before...before you. I almost never had to use magick. Did things like any other human would. Most of the time. And it was peaceful. I actually liked living off the magickal grid. Then I brought you along for the ride. Thought you'd be able to settle in quietly, blend in. But instead, I've used more magick since you've been here. Bach was right. I should have put you in a different reality."

"Then why didn't you?" her voice was barely audible.

"I wanted you here with me. All the time."  he turned back around to face her again. "You make me selfish." he crossed his arms leaning his shoulders against the wall shrugging. "You're my favourite pet." He straightened up suddenly listening. "Speaking of. Where's the puppy?"

"You're asking me where your dog is? I haven't seen him since I left here last night." she cleared her throat all embarrassment of the kiss gone, her defenses back up. "I didn't even come in here when I left Arthur's, went straight to the office."

"Well he's not here." Loki gestured around in an overly dramatic way. "He's not hiding anywhere, we'd catch his scent hear his heartbeat."

"He's a dog..."

"Hellhound." Loki corrected her.

"Not like he just disappeared into thin air." our heroine continued scratching her right arm.


"That's a sweet boy. Aren't you just the cutest furball ever." Bacchus said scratching the creature's ear, the puppy panting contently. "It's a good thing I stopped in to see how things were. You left all alone in that penthouse all white and filled with sharp edges." the god spoke to the creature as he continued to walk down the street. "Bad Loki for leaving you by yourself. I'm sure he'll think twice after he sees the mess you left on the bathroom floor."  He stopped abruptly as he turned the corner towards the occult shop. The auburn haired male was standing on the corner of the street, arms crossed leaning against the street light. "You still haven't gone in yet?"

Dagan shook his head, his lips in a duck bill. "Is there a point to all this?" he nodded first towards the occult shop before turning to press his shoulder against the street light.

"Yes." Bacchus said handing him the creature moving a few steps closer to the shop. "The point is we're here to prove a point aren't we?"  The puppy stood on the edge of Dagan's wrist, plunked both front paws on the werewolf's chest, tail wagging happily as he first sniffed the male's jaw then whimpered headbutting him. "Come on, let's go be atomic playboys and annihilate Loki's plans."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. I feel a new playlist coming.)

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