Friday, March 25, 2016

year 5 day 110

movie: 47 Ronin
starring: Keanu Reeves, Hiroyuki Sanada
genre: Action
year: 2013
format: Netflix Canada

plot: After being disgraced during a jousting competition, a Japanese lord is killed, leaving his villagers outcasts and his daughter at the mercy of a rival. Now that the lord's Samurai are banished and unable to get revenge, they must find away to regain their honor.

So this is halfway based on a real historical events and folklore but with added fairy tale creatures/magick.  And it's about 15 minutes too long. Seriously, they could have removed some of the film and it would have still been fine, or better yet not have everyone speaking so slowly. It was worst than listening to those bad William Shatner impressions people do where they make every word a sentence of it's own.

The story wasn't bad. It had some grit to it, but it dragged. I would have liked to have seen more witchy-whoo-hoo, but I always want more mojo in things.
You could have dropped everyone into England with a Merlin type and it would have come out the same. The king gets vindicated, the princess gets rescued, and the knights slay a few dragons. In fact, the whole backbone of the story is planted firmly on the idea of courtly love. That unrequited love that every story that has a princess and knight seem to carry.

what did I learn?  There is always a dragon to slay

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