Thursday, March 10, 2016

year 5 day 99

movie: Tracers
starring: Taylor Lautner, Adam Rayner
genre; Action, Drama, Crime
format: Netflix Canada

plot: After loosing his bike, a delivery guy finds himself unable to pay back the loan shark he owes, until joining a group of street thieves.

I was glued to the screen for most of this, just in awe of the way the actors moved around. The whole idea that the obstacles were more of a state of mind then actual barriers isn't new, nor is the idea behind this movie.  The lead character is trying to dig himself out of a bad situation, falls for some chick who's living a very different lifestyle, and decides he wants to be part of it just to be close to her. In the beginning, the whole thing ends up being like a godsend to him, until he angers the groups leader.

Some of the stunts they pull off in this, climbing walls by bare hands, leaping over parked cars and roof tops, the flips the high landings, had me thinking of werewolves. Even if Lautner didn't have the Twilight werewolf thing happening, I'd still have been thinking he'd make a perfect one with some of the things he manages to pull off. 

The big downfall of the movie is that it lacks story. Yes, what makes it great are the spiffy jumps and stunts, but the core story is little lost. He's running from the loan sharks, afraid that he's already endangered his friends, lost everything he owns and falls for the wrong girl. Pretty basic as action movies go. It's too much surface noise, never letting you connect with the characters.  It almost could have done with a few less parkour scenes and little bit more work on the characters. 

what did I learn? I learned how to spell the word parkour.

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