Sunday, March 13, 2016

year 5 Day 102

movie: Meatballs
starring: Bill Murray, Jack Blum
year: 1979
format: Hollywood Suites Channel

plot: A group of camp counselors deal with their relationships, while getting their kids ready for the big sports event.

I know this is one of the movies that started the summer camp comedy genre, but I was expecting something more. I've seen the other three movies in the series, which I like, but this one left me bored.

Murray's character feels like not enough was put into it, you don't feel Bill Murray's in the room so to speak until the last fifteen minutes of the film. I get that movies done in that decade were little more serious, but this is a dry movie. There's nothing funny about this comedy.

At one point you are teased with the idea of a love triangle when two of the male counselors are talking about this one female counselor that they both like, and she come up in a speed boat confessing who she's crushing on, but that's sort of all you get out of it.  One of the campers starts running in the mornings  in order to be part of something, which hints at the big pay off in this movie. The big pay off is suppose to be the big sporting event against the rival camp. But, not enough time is actually spent on that idea.

what did I learn? Part 2 is the best in the series

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