Saturday, April 2, 2016

year 5 day 117

movie: Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny
starring: Jack Black, Kyle Gass
genre:Comedy, Music,
format: Netflix Canada

plot:When a couple of guys learn that the one thing that made all their rock heroes great was the same guitar pick, they decide to steal it from the rock n roll museum. Only they've found themselves in the ultimate rock off with the devil himself.

On more than one occasion I've literally said I've had no interest in this film. I've passed on it countless times over the years. I have no clue what possessed me to watch it today?

I do love Jack Black, and I love those devil/heavy metal stories. Only, this one really falls short. This is a bad buddy movie that should have been so much better than it was. Given the fact Tim Robbins and John C. Reilly both have small roles in this, should have in itself made this movie worth something. There was so much that could have been done with the Robbins character, but he was underused. Reilly's character though in a dream sequence, could have led to something bigger/better than what was given him. This film goes nowhere and does nothing. Not too mention the lack of Meat Loaf. Here you have one of the best rock actors on the planet and he was reduced to 30 seconds of air time.

Here you have a character who is suppose to be sort of nerdy innocent in his love for music, that he believes everything told to him. Once he figures out he's actually the talented brains of the operation, he still sticks with the con artist. It just felt like a very unbalanced comedy duo, and would have been better if it had been just Jack Black.

what did I learn? You can make anything sound like a Manowar album.

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