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The Nosferatu Adventures s10 p9

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 257, chapter 257

Rolf's Kingdom...

Little William sniffed, gave a wide eyed silent cough then proceeded to rub the back of his sleeve over his nose sniffing again. "What's the matter kiddo, got a cold?" Malone said. The short male scratched mindlessly at the tattoo on his left shoulder, nodding towards the little boy.

"He's half werewolf. Can't be getting a cold." Finn replied as he continued to lean over the large volume in front of him, not looking at the other male. Malone had been given the task of delivering a letter to Rolf from his own pack alpha Jarl. Upon seeing the castle, the shapeshifter decided it would be interesting to stick around for a few days.

"If you say so, but the kid's snotting all over the place." he remarked reaching for the coffee pot on the middle of the table and pouring himself another cup.  Finn glanced over the edge of his round tinted sunglasses in the direction of the youngest wolf. He had to admit, the kid had been looking less than impressive the last few days. Watching little William sneeze a few more times in quick concession, the familiar moved towards him, placing the back of his hand against the kid's forehead.

"Okay, he is a bit warm. Well, warmer than normal for a lycanthrope. Do banshees get ill?" he asked out loud. He turned, twisting himself up in an awkward pose to stare once again at Malone when he didn't answer him. The dark haired wolf shrugged. "Right..."

"Take him to a doctor or something. You've got one in the castle I'm sure."

"No, actually we don't. Haven't for a few years now." the familiar let out a deep sigh crossing his arms over his chest, tilting his head to the side. "So what am I suppose to do with you? Take you to a vet?"

"Isn't Harker and Dagan's uncle a doctor?" Malone asked having grabbed one of the books off the top of the stack Finn had been reading. Making a face, he flipped through it listening to the crispness of the pages.

"Yeah...Doctor Frankenstein. But, the whole reason he's here..." he pointed to William. "And not at the Frankenstein's right now, is because Damen didn't want to play nice."

"Most never do when they're from a different pack." Malone answered.

Jumping back Finn landed perfectly on the edge of the table in one swift move, as little William vomited right where Finn's shoes had been. "That's not healthy."


Out of Time

Edric shook his head, the heel of his left palm pressed against his eye.  Quentin was hot on his heels, trailing him just a few feet away. He had sensed Quentin fall back a few steps after growling at him. The dude was practically on his bumper as they zig zagged through the streets, Edric unfamiliar with the neighbourhood they found themselves. He honestly had no idea where he was headed, he was just headed. His brain seemed to swim with a strange buzzing noise that dragged him forward. Purely gut instinct it seemed, leading him farther and farther away from the old warehouse Quentin had taken him to. He supposed he should thank the guy, from what Quentin had said, another hour in the morgue and Edric wouldn't have woken up. He had been next on the list for autopsy. That meant his heart would have been removed from his body along with his other organs. Even Edric had seen enough horror movies to know that no matter what kind of monster, you still needed your heart.
He continued to stumble down the street, the buzzing thankfully getting quieter as he did. That's when he started to pick up a scent. It was the strangest thing he'd ever come across. Like a mixture of lilacs, honey and wet dog.  It was if the scent itself was alive, burning his nose, creeping down his spine twirling itself into the very core of his being.  Pressing on, he turned the corner to find himself in front of a large building.

"I don't think we can get in there." Quentin's voice seemed muffled like he was talking under water. Edric slapped both palms on the glass of the rotating door, which was locked for the night. A sound escaped Edric's throat without him even realizing it as he slammed his fist into the door again, this time the glass shattered. Both males ducked as it began to rain shards of glass.  Stepping over the carnage, Edric continued on into the building, with Quentin sheepishly standing on the sidewalk still. The human stuffed his hands deep into the pockets of his dirty grey hoodie, as he removed the hood finger combing his hair before placing it back on his skull. Taking a quick glance around, he then followed the lycanthrope into the large building.

Edric was standing between the elevators and the doorway to the stairs, unsure which way to go. His nose was high in the air as he sniffed deeply, finally deciding to try the elevator. He leaned over pressing his face to the button pad, the crazy scent strongest on the two top buttons. Growling, the new werewolf closed his eyes. Without thinking, he hit the button for the penthouse.

The scent of wet dog became suddenly heavy, as our heroine's nose twitched. All her senses telling her to go into the hallway, to the elevator and investigate. Her brain on the other hand was screaming at her to run into the bathroom and lock the door. "What am I the blonde scream queen in some bad 70's movie?" she asked herself out loud. She was alone in the apartment, Loki having taken the still unnamed hellhound puppy for a walk. Shaking her right arm, her hand became clawed talons. "But just in case..." she mumbled, her voice becoming less secure. Slowly she moved closer to the front door, placing one bare foot over the other as she did. The ability to keep her guard up was slipping from her quickly, as her mind began to whirl in a kaleidoscope of emotions. Raw anger and confusion seemed to be the dominate ones, so strong they almost had a physical image all their own. Our heroine's eyes shifted to the pure white of the banshee as she snarled under her breath, causing what she was seeing to be faint, like a ghostly film image pretending to be real.

There was a knock at the door.  That startled her more than the presence itself. Sniffing, she pressed her nose to the door. There was something else hidden under the wet dog smell that only now was clear. Sweat. Cotton. Denim. Human. They knocked again. A thought jumped into her still swimming mind, maybe there was something going on in the building? Maybe one of the human tenants who lived on the second or fourth floors were in trouble? Flexing her hand so that it was once again human looking, our heroine closed her eyes clearing her throat. "Try to get a grip woman." she mumbled opening the door.

And that was her first mistake.  A howl of pain escaped her lips as she ripped her arm from him. Blood dripped silently to the floor in three perfect drops as the wound was already closed. Covering her arm with her other hand our heroine swore before lunging towards the male.

"That's enough!" she felt a hand at the back of her neck tossing her across the room. She landed on her butt a few centimeters away from the foot of the sofa. Loki had shimmered in behind her, and was holding the newcomer in the corner of the room with one hand. 

"He bit me!" she was on her feet once again pointing her already healed arm towards Edric. "That maniac bit me!"  Edric laughed as he wiped the corner of his mouth with his thumb. The buzzing finally quiet in his mind, the fierce grip that had been squeezing his spine loosened as the last drop of her blood left a slight tingle in his mouth.

"He couldn't help it. He was drawn here after he woke up." Quentin's voice cracked as he shuffled through the door.

"Perfect! Just perfect!" Loki screamed in disgust. "You stupid careless bitch! You sired someone!"

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. What goes around comes around)

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