Saturday, April 30, 2016

year 5 day 132

movie: Resident Evil
starring: Milla Jovovich, Eric Mabius
genre; Sci-fi, Horror,
year: 2002
format: TV Edit

plot: A woman wakes up without her memory, and is taken to an underground lab, where a virus has managed to turn everyone into zombies.

Based on the video games.

Holy Omega Man Syndrome Batman! I really see how 90% of the zombie genre has developed from the vampire genre. Yeah, I'm never letting that factor go.

So you've got a big bad corporation that is slicing up dna between humans and animals and playing around with dead things. You just know that's got trouble written all over it.  I'm guessing the big theme behind it and the original game is got something to do with not trusting big corps?
TV edit, so the gore was minimal which was fine for me. (I must be too old can't stomach stuff like I used to) There was a lot of shoot 'em up-ing and not much in the way of an actual plot. Which, may or may not be the fault of the tv edit.
You do have some basic spy on spy sabotage going on with the lead character and her husband. You know from the beginning that one of them is the big bad who unleashed everything, but it doesn't play as smooth as it could have. (again might have been the tv edit)

I'd like to know what the monster at the end of the hallway was suppose to be? We see it escape, feed and then become something worse. Was it a dog? Was it a human once? Was it a giant tasmanian devil? It just sort of is there and then dies in a blaze of unnatural greeny flames.

what did I learn? Everyone wants to play Doctor Frankenstein.

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