Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 72

Movie: Twilight 2 New Moon
Starring: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart
Genre: Drama, Action
Year: 2009
Format: DVD

Plot: After Edward breaks up with her, Bella tries to recover by dating her best friend Jacob. Along the way, they learn Jacob is a werewolf and because of her past, Bella's life is in danger.

Again with the Romeo and Juliet theme.  I secretly think the world is out to make me insane.

This is the second film in the Twilight series based on the books.
I have to say, the werewolves are more interesting in this series then the vampires are.
There just seems to be more background to them, more research done on the myths.
This also introduces a great band of both Canadian and British actors like Michael Sheen{British} and Graham Greene {Canadian}.

What did I learn from this film?
Love hurts. Break ups are always going to feel like the first time. They are always going to make you feel like you should have died.  But second chances are everywhere you just have to open your eyes.

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