Friday, August 10, 2012

The Top 5 Films about Art

I started to notice a trend a few years ago, a new sub-genre was popping up.  That was movies about art and artists.  Not really documentaries, but the bio-pic and dramas. Here's a short list of some of my favs on the topic

3.Mona Lisa Smile
4.Poison Ivy 2-Lily

This actually has more then just 5

Bucket of Blood (The Death Artist)
High Art
Factory Girl
I Shot Andy Warhol
Crow 2 City of Angels

Ironically, the movie that inspired me to start drawing and painting was 1996's Crow 2 City of Angels.

Poison Ivy 2-Lily: It's a thriller, and at first glance you might not think it should be clumped in with the other movies, but it does have the main characters all artists.  They meet in an art class and over half the story takes place in their studios.

Backbeat: Another one that at first glance doesn't seem to fit.  Even though it's about the early years of the Beatles, it does center around the choice one member made between his love for music and his love for painting. 

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