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The Nosferatu Adventures S4 p29

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 131, chapter 131

A year and a half ago...

The onyx wolf circled the small farm house, his nose to the ground, the scent of fresh pine needles burning his nostrils. He was tired, his muscles feeling the weight of the last few hours from the fight with the Queen's dogs and guards. But he wouldn't want to eat for another few days. Yawning, the large wolf found a spot in the shade of the large oak tree near the edge of the farm and just stretched out. He was sleeping when the sound of footsteps caused his ears to twitch.
Lifting his muzzle, the wolf sniffed, catching the scent of burning leaves and sulfur. He growled, getting to a standing position, his ears flat against his skull, fangs exposed as a figure approached him.

"Easy there buddy. I'm not here to start a fight." the guy stopped moving, standing about ten feet away, putting his hands first out in a surrender then at his belt. "I do need to talk to you, so if you wanna slip into something more comfortable, I'll just wait right over here."

The large wolf snarled, then sneezed in a huff, as the sound of bones crunching, of animalistic grunts that turned into the screams of a human male invaded the air, along with the wet slopping noises of blood, and other bodily fluids as they hit the ground forced the intruder to take a few steps back, closing his eyes.

"Alright, talk." The deep voice said as the male stood then in front of him, his long dark hair slick against his shoulders from the shifting. He spat on the ground between them, his blue eyes showing no expression.

"I'll never get used to that. Comfortable doesn't include pants for you does it?"

Rolf grunted, shaking his head, but willed the magic mist around his lower half, creating a pair of black pants and boots. "Wasting time man."  he replied his hands now out at his sides palms up.

"You're needed. I was sent to get you by Prince Kraven."

"I don't know who that is. And I don't know who you are." he took a step forward, sniffing deeply, his eyes flashing the amber-grey of the wolf. "But I know what you are." Rolf said, flicking his hair out of his face, his one hand at his belt as he moved slowly towards him. "You're a witch. You're really lucky right now, my buddy's not here, he's got a sweet tooth for witches. Lucky for you I've already eaten." he grinned, a shiver running through the intruder.

"Prince Kraven rules the kingdom in the north. You have a common enemy, the Queen." the guy cleared his throat, taking a half step backwards as Rolf once again advanced towards him. "He needs you to help him break into the Fort."


"Because the Queen is holding Prince Kraven's favourite...companion."

Rolf laughed, as he flicked his hair again out of his face. "And what has that got to do with me?" he leaned forward a centimeter gesturing with his hand between them.

"It's come to the Prince's attention that you have two younger brothers that are missing. Have been for awhile now. At lest I would assume they are your brothers, given the family resemblance. In a furry sort of way."

Rolf snorted. "Missing? What are you talking about? My family is fine."

"Not so much. They were spotted a few weeks ago, on the outskirts of the kingdom. Captured by the Queen's guards. Still alive, still have their heads. That much I know for sure, you know that much too, otherwise you would have felt their deaths. That's how it works for your kind, isn't it? You're all connected on some sort of spiritual level? You know when a new alpha is crowned, when a new litter is born, one one is killed. You help the Prince free his...personal interests from the Queen's prison, and he can help you get your brothers back, heads intact."

"If he's so resourceful, then why doesn't he just do it all himself?"

"He holds information. But, sadly, the Prince is physically unable to lead a rescue himself. Which is why he sent me to find you. Trust me, if he could do this mission himself, he would have already."

"And why should I trust you?" Rolf was starting to loose his temper.

"Because you don't have a choice." the guy said licking his lips, turning to glance up at the sun as it moved behind a few clouds. This caused his image to flicker as if nothing more then a candle flame in the wind.  He must have used a transportation spell to find Rolf, which would explain the sulfur smell. "I have a camp set up on the edge of the kingdom, on my Prince's side of the border. About two days from here. Meet me, in person, see for yourself if I'm telling the truth."

"Let's say I believe you. How do I know you aren't just out to bag a shifter?"

"Fair enough." he snapped his fingers causing a smokey cloud to appear between them. Rolf gazed into it, swallowing hard as the images played before him. "That's only one possible future. Come, meet me in person. Meet my Prince."


Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Ask yourself, is Rolf about to make a deal with the devil?)

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