Thursday, March 19, 2015

Theme Week part 3-SATC

Sex and the City
Season 3 Episode 11 (#41 of the series)

"Running with Scissors"

plot: After Carrie starts an affair with the now married Mr. Big, she starts to feel guilty. Samantha meets a man who's just as straight forward for sex as she is, but he demands she get tested before sleeping with her. Charlotte becomes a bridezilla while planning her wedding, deciding to hire a wedding planner. Miranda becomes obsessed with the mascot who dresses as a sandwich outside a local take-out diner. After Mr. Big's wife catches Carrie in her house, she falls down the stairs and ends up in the hospital.

Quote of the Week -"Is sex ever safe?"

Favourite quote: "I can't have sex with a sandwich...can I?"  when Miranda tells Carrie about the mascot and how she can't stop thinking about him.

Favourite outfit: the beige knee length dress with the green ribbons, and sun disk necklace Carrie is wearing when Charlotte finds her and Mr. Big coming out of a hotel.

This is the episode that introduced Anthony, who would go on to be Charlotte's best gay friend, and is a key plot point for the second movie.

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