Saturday, March 21, 2015

Theme Week part 4 and 5-SATC

SSHHHHSSH!  I was out all day yesterday so I didn't feel like doing this and making dinner when I got home, so you're getting two in one today...

Sex and the City
Season 4 Episode 15 (#63 for the series)
"Change of a Dress"

 plot: Newly divorced Charlotte finds herself filling her schedule with classes just to keep her mind off the situation. Carrie is having second thoughts about marrying Aidan. Samantha is in a relationship with her boss Richard Wright, and afraid he's cheating on her. Miranda finds out she's having a boy and has to fake being happy about it. While trying on wedding dresses with Miranda, Carrie has a panic attack, adding to the fact she's not ready to marry Aidan. The girls then talk about why society pushes marriage as the ideal situation.

Quote of the week: "Are we just programmed?"

Favourite quote - "Once you get a rash from a guy, it's time to heave ho." Samantha's reaction to seeing the rash Carrie has after her panic attack.

"I think I have monogamy, I must have caught it from you people."-Samantha
 "Now it's airborne."  -Carrie  
Favourite outfit - the white ball gown/wedding dress that Carrie is wearing at the end of the episode for the Black and White Ball.

This episode does bring up the topic of do we get married/have babies/buy a house because these are the things we as individuals want or because it's what's expected of us to want? 
This episode really puts the spotlight on the idea that it's not all a woman's desire to rush into marriage, really tackling the topic that there is a breed of male who is just as much out to marry; sometimes just for the sake of it. 

Sex and the City
Season 5 Episode 8 (#74 for the series)
"I love a Charade" 

plot:The girls are invited to a wedding of two of their friends, which gets them wondering if their friends are desperate or just trying to fool themselves? Charlotte finally tells the girls about her relationship with Harry, her divorce lawyer. Samantha decides to take over her ex's- Richard's summer house for the weekend of the wedding. Miranda realizes she's got real feelings for her son's father, her ex Steve.  Carrie learns her latest crush, fellow writer Jack Berger is freshly out of a relationship himself, and invites him to the wedding. 

Quote of the week-"When it comes to saying I do, is a relationship a relationship without the zsa zsa zsu?"

Favourite quote- "I know what I did, I revealed too much too soon. I was emotionally slutty." Carrie when telling Miranda that she scared off Berger.

Favourite outfit- the light pink baby-doll dress Carrie wares to the wedding.

This was a shorter season, given they were hiding the lead actress's pregnancy. 
The big theme in this episode is what is the real key to a long lasting marriage? The girls debate back and forth through the course of the episode on if it's the friendship factor/comfort or if it's the sizzle of sex? 
This is also the first episode that tackles the topic of if two people with different spiritual paths/religions can make a relationship work; when Harry tells Charlotte he will only marry a Jewish woman. This itself becomes a major plot point in season 6.

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