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The Nosferatu Adventures S8 p1

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 201, chapter 201

"What are we going to do?" Reuben asked, hugging his elbows.

"We're going to find the magick mirror like Loki told us to." Rolf replied, gesturing mindlessly to the right of them as he just stared ahead completely in awe of the sight.

"This is not right man." Reuben continued sniffing, rubbing his one hand over his nose and beard. "I was told to go back to the late 1800's...this is...this is..."

"1300's or something." Finn interrupted as he side stepped what looked like a large piece of rotten flesh. The ground was slick in places, the mud having been created by the dripping blood.

"1462 actually." Reuben corrected him without thinking. Both Finn and Rolf turned to look at him with raised eyebrows. "I got bored one night and read Nosferatu's binder. You know she's got a whole chapter researched on vampire cult killers? And this isn't helping us any."

"We've got to go through that don't we?" Finn asked hands in his pockets. Both werewolves grunted nodding. "Vacation of my dreams, walking through the forest of the dead with two overgrown mutts. On the bright side, for once there will be something to cover how bad you two dogs smell."   Rolf turned a half inch to face the familiar, his hands clutched into fists, his eyes cast down hair falling over his face, nostrils flaring.

"I would punch you for that, but I'm pretty sure we need you awake for this." he growled.


"Sweetheart" Dagan screamed as he entered the estate. "Sweeeeetttthhearttttt! We've got a bit of an issue...oh cake."  the auburn haired werewolf stuck his fingers into a corner of the frosted cake breaking off a chunk as he made his way through the building. Licking his fingers he slowed his pace as the scent of blood filled the air. He checked all the rooms finding nothing to indicate anything was wrong, and decided to brush it off as his uncle Victor in with his experiments. Then he turned the corner for our heroine's rooms, and the smell became heavier. The female banshee was unable to get out to hunt on her own, with the magickal wards keeping her inside, and he sure as hell didn't hunt for her, so how did she get blood? Racing into the rooms, Dagan expected to find one of the servants, one of the few people who had ever cared for himself and his brother dead at the hands of the bloodthirsty female. Then he realized he hadn't seen Tombstone in a few hours. Had she gone so far off her rocker that she ate the dog?
Dagan let out a breath he didn't realize he'd been holding when he entered the bedroom to find the hellhound stretched out on the bed, and our heroine sitting in the library. She had a large tray of food laid out on the desk, half of which was a steak so rare it was bleeding. Slamming down in the nearest chair, the male slumped over, his head back mouth open, feet apart. "I was worried you killed the kid." he huffed mockingly putting his hand on his forehead. "So we're half a pack short again. Loki sent Rolf, Reuben and Finn off somewhere...aarrrrgghhh!" he jumped up as if someone had pinched him.

"ut?" she spoke around licking her fingers.  Dagan just screwed up his nose as he pointed clearly disgusted as she continued to with one hand dip pickles into the plate of blood, and dunk some sort of white square item into peanut butter.

"What the shack is that?" he sniffed not getting anything but the smell of blood.

"Tofu." she answered licking her fingers again.

"Please tell me I did not just see you dunk raw tofu into a perfectly wonderful container of peanut butter...cause....that's just..." the werewolf stuck his tongue out faking a gag.

"Palmer's got some wicked cravings."

"Who's Palmer?" he looked around the room expecting to see a new servant.  She said nothing, just patted her stomach. "Palmer? Can't you come up with anything better? Like Alex, or Patrick, or Chris, or Joshua, or Dean or Jonathan...something manly at lest." His mistake was reaching for one of the pickles, only to have his hand slapped. He took a half step back from the table.

"You sounded just like your uncle just now. He mocked it too." She got up, walking around the room suddenly searching one of the shelves in a bookcase, that had all it's books removed and replaced with what he could only guess were spell ingredients. "And I'll tell you what I told him. You and Loki and figure it all out when the time comes."
The male ran his hand through his hair scratching at his ear as he moved closer to where she was standing.

"What do you mean, we can figure it out when the time comes?" leaning against the bookcase, his arms crossed, hands under his armpits, he blew dust off a stack of old books trying to read the spines.

"You boys keep reminding me why there are no female werewolves. The chances of me surviving this birth are slim, and if I do..." she huffed her hazel eyes wide as she tried to reach a book on a shelf she was too short for. Dagan just stood there looking first at the female, then at the book, then back to her, then once again at the book. He didn't bother to help her, just chewed on his bottom lip. "Victor has made it fairly clear he has plans for my body. As in draining my vampiric blood, removing my spleen, my lungs and doing god knows what with for his experiments."

Dagan scratched his right cheek, finally grabbing the entire contents of the shelf our heroine couldn't reach handing them out to her. Picking the one in the middle, she caused him to loose his grip on the other five as they fell on the floor. "You know he won't. Okay, he might drain your blood a few times, but..." he licked his lips as he bent to clean up the books, dropped them again and just let them stay on the floor. Stepping over them he followed her back to the edge of the desk where the spellbook was sitting. "He's in love with you." Our heroine burst out laughing nearly falling to the floor. "Alright, alright, alright, not in love with you, but in love with the idea of taking you from me. Better?"  he began shuffling his feet in his nervousness while our heroine just continued to laugh. "And you're wrong you know."  he ran his right hand through his hair fixing it, then stretched his arm out fingers spread as he bounced his hand up and down. "I'm not repulsed." he smiled sticking his tongue out at her, his eyes flashing the amber-grey of the wolf. Our heroine ended up having to sit on the floor, as another wave of laughter over took her.


The space between the wooden pikes was getting smaller and smaller making it difficult for Rolf to walk in the rows without knocking a shoulder into one. Both himself and Reuben were suffering with their noses running, and eyes watering from the smell coming from the impaled bodies. Even with the speed both werewolves and the familiar had, it had taken them four hours to make it through the wall of bodies. Twice Reuben had given in to the vomit it had gotten so bad.
Reaching the end point, the three males found themselves gasping for any bit of clean air they might get, as the now darkened sky loomed over them.

"Where now?" Reuben asked, hands on his knees, spitting out the bad taste lingering in his mouth.

"There's smoke coming from the left." Rolf remarked running his hands through his curtain of dark hair. "Just head that way. Either find shelter, or food or something."  Twenty minutes later, they found themselves standing in the middle of a dirt street, staring up at a sign for an Inn.

"You've got to be kidding me?" Finn said removing his sunglasses, tucking them into his pocket. "The Wolf's Claw...really?" he gestured towards the sign before letting his hand slap against his thigh.

"You can read that?" Reuben asked pointing out the fact it was in Romanian. The familiar nodded suddenly feeling smug.

"I have a magickal translator."  he said it with such a straight face the two werewolves had to take him on his word. Rolf reached for the door about to grab the handle, when he yelped in pain. "Vampire proof?" the familiar stated as the now angry werewolf shook out his hand. "I thought the fact you're in the past would have separated you two."

"Then he wouldn't be here. They can't ever be separated, Rolf would cease to exist. The only bit of his soul left, has merged with Nos. Not like Loki didn't get a happy on that little tidbit." Reuben's voice was pinched as he stated the obvious. "Can you undo it?" he asked Finn. But the familiar had already disappeared, walking around the building, looking for either an open window or something that might be the magickal lock. He found a crow's foot hanging over the back door of the Inn. Grabbing it, he returned to the others, telling Rolf to try again. The door opened for him this time.

"You do realize that by letting you eat here, we've just endangered everyone leaving them open to vampire attacks." Finn held up the talisman shaking it at the large werewolf.

"I'll let that weigh on my conscience later."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. I have no idea what these boys are walking into, it's Wrestlemaina week anything could happen...)

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