Saturday, March 14, 2015

Coffee Talk Saturday March 14th 2015

Suddenly everyone around me is talking about their bucket lists. Normally, this wouldn't even phase me, but my birthday is next week and I'm feeling it. All the things I keep hearing people say they've crossed off their big life lists.
Uh huh. Yeah, I got nothing. Dude, I can't even figure out what my theme week is going to be this month...I was thinking movies from 1974, the year I was born, but I can't even sit through the trailers for the few I found, let alone full movies.
I did join the Go Mighty site back few years ago, which I haven't been to in well three years. And today, decided to check it out again thinking I could update something on there. Ends up, none of the things I listed are really "bucket list" items. They were more "goals for this year" type stuff. Very in the moment.

#1) I have never been to a Comic-Con/HorrorFest type weekend. That's something on my bucket list. When I first started this blog, it was something I originally had planed for the big reward of finishing a full year of one different movie a day. But, sadly my knee injury happened and the idea got forgotten.
#2) Horror hostess Elvira is my hero. Meeting her would be a top priority on my bucket list. Which, ties into the first thing. If I ever decide to actually grow up, I'm going to be just like her.
#3) Going to a real occult shop/hoodoo shop would be another.
#4) Hosting a cooking show...that's not just on youtube.
#5) Meeting wrestler Chris Sabin...and
#6) hosting a cooking show with wrestler Chris Sabin...that could be just on youtube.

There are other things that come to mind, but this is enough for this post. (there's a bunch of wrestlers pouting right now cause I only picked Chris Sabin. Howling in grief because I went for the original wrestling hair god, and not them even though I love them more...)

Till later...


  1. I'd love to attend Comic-Con. I'm not really into dressing up or anything, but I'd love to watch the panels with the actors from some of my favorite shows!

    It's good to have lists and goals...whether we meet them or not, at least we're always striving! :)

    1. Yeah, I don't see me dressing up either, but getting to meet some of the legendary actors/writers would be key.