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The Nosferatu Adventures s7 p18

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 196, chapter 196

Rolf had made his way back to the village he'd last seen our heroine at, only to find she had left over a week before. He stood in the middle of the road, letting himself start to shift. His eyes going from their human blue to the amber-grey of the wolf, his ears jutting out just a bit through his massive curtain of curls. Slowly, the lycanthrope crouched down on one knee, his nose bent to the dirt. Clearing his mind of nothing but catching the female's scent, he let himself  be taken over by his animal side. Rolf's senses were overwhelmed as he found what seemed to be a compacted point. The female and the Seer's scents combined with what he at first thought was Dagan's. His gut told him otherwise. There was something else layered within that particular groove.
His ears twitched as the soft sound of footsteps echoed around him, the scent of lilacs and roses wrapped itself around the large male just as the wind began to change direction. Growling, he spun around still on the ground ready to pounce. The blonde woman jumped, her laced gloved hand to her mouth as she breathed rapidly from fright. Rolf stood in a blur, his eyebrows knitted together in disgust as he watched in slow motion the bundle of fresh cut flowers she was carrying fall to the dust at her feet.
Turning his face from her his own strong hand shielding his eyes from the deep reds and blush pinks of the roses, Rolf roared as he felt himself repelled by the very sight of them. He tore off into the nearest row of trees just to distance himself from the flowers. Calming down, the werewolf wiped the back of his hand across his lips, feeling the saliva pooling in the corner of his mouth.
Catching our heroine's scent again, he tore off in the direction that Victor had taken her.

The large male found himself standing on the edge of an old vineyard, the scent having led him there. They were stronger, her's, whoever took her, and even the Seer's. Though he didn't detect the Seer anywhere. Sighing to himself, Rolf started to make his way through the half dead vineyard, careful not to step on any of the wildlife that seemed to be the cause of the deadness. He made it as far as a single row of trees which seemed to be the dividing line between the farm and the estate, when he got hit.

The werewolf snarled as he shook his head, still laying on his back. He was a good twenty feet away from the row of trees, struggling to catch his breath as he cleared the stars from his eyes.

"You triggered the silent alarm." a voice said from somewhere above him. Rolf looked up to see Finn leaning over him, a large fish in hand. "Victor tossed up a magick barrier. Nosferatu can't get out, and it seems cause of your soul connection to her, you can't get in." he held his empty hand out to the now angry Rolf. "But you're just in time for supper." 


Reuben sat on the ground, his legs crossed, elbows on his knees, chin resting on his linked fingers. "Are you sure you need to do this?" Ash asked from the porch. Reuben just nodded not saying anything. "I know the magick mirror is all powerful with the librarian arts but...opening a time portal? Just seems a little extreme even for us."

Reuben jumped up in a bounce grabbing hold of the thick lower branch of the largest tree in the yard, using it for chin ups. "We know the Seer has done it in the past, so it can be done."

"But he's a witch and Nosferatu was around. Didn't he say that you need her for it?" Ash commented shifting his weight against the door frame, stuffing a forkful of pasta into his mouth.

"Yeah, her scream is like the key ingredient or something. Which is why..." he swung his legs jumping down landing in one of his trademark shoulder rolls then gracefully getting to his feet. Pulling his hair back into a too smooth to be human ponytail, Reuben scratched at his beard. "Damn, I think I've got fleas again."

"You've got to stop hanging out with the otters down by the lake. Whenever you're in wolf form, you spend all that time running around like a wild animal." Ash snickered as he turned and went back into his cabin.

Tune in again for another installment of The Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me(straight up story. Reuben needs a mission otherwise he'll just be sitting around watching crappy talk shows or something...)

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