Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Theme Week part 2- SATC

Sex and the City
Season 2 Episode 18 (#30 for the series)
"Ex and the City"

plot: After Miranda spots her ex Steve on the street, the women discuss the idea of being able to be friends with an ex. When Steve confronts her, Charlotte finds herself facing a fear of horses, and Samantha picks up a man on the street. After Carrie cleans out her clothes finding a dress that's over a decade old, she calls her ex Mr. Big. They make plans for lunch, both trying to prove they are not affected by the other. Charlotte talks Carrie into going horseback riding with her, but chickens out last second. Samantha goes to sleep with her new man, and finds he's just too much to take. While Miranda and Steve end up having sex, confusing their situation.

Quote of the week- "Can you be friends with an ex?"

Favourite quote: "You know what? I broke in Big. I did I broke him in and now the idiot stick figure with no soul gets to ride him." - Carrie in a scene with Charlotte who's about to go horse back riding.

"You broke up with James because he was too small, and this guy he's too big. What are you goldiec**ks?" - Carrie to Samantha when Samantha tells her, her new man is overwhelmingly large.

Favourite outfit: the two piece camisole and skirt in peach with silver, that Samantha wears when she first sees how big Mr. C**ky is.

This is pretty much the first time you really see Mr. Big come undone. Up till this point in the series, he's been pretty much calm cool and collected. But there are a few scenes where he shows how much Carrie really means to him, and already the regrets he has.

This episode got me to watch the movie The Way We Were, for the first time because of the drinks scene where the girls compare themselves to the movie.  The final scene with Carrie and Mr. Big is a recreation from the movie.

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