Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Random movie May 27th 2015

The Coven

plot: A group of teenaged girls decide to spend Hallowe'en night in the nearby woods, after hearing their professor talking about Wicca. While there, they find themselves being stalked by an unknown biker. Before long, two teenaged boys walking home from a party find themselves lost, one getting injured when he falls landing on an animal horn. While this is happening, elsewhere one of the teacher's is preforming a ritual to keep them all trapped in the area, and the one classmate who was not invited to go with them begins researching the legend of the woods.

This is a 2015 British horror starring Rachel Summers and Dexter Fletcher.

I have nothing nice to say.  Well, okay one thing, that they at lest tried to bring some real elements with mention of Robert Cochrane  and the mention of Belial.

This is an hour and half movie that could have shaved off 40 minutes just by not following the kids for such long stretches of lost wandering. The dialog the girls have seem like nothing more then long stints of giggling and less about the actual story. 
You are given one random shot of the teachers talking about the mysterious Miss Belial, which was, I believe to either give the story some explanation or just possibly some understandable dialog that isn't full of mumbles and giggling.

You have the character of the biker who's face is never seen, and is obviously meant as Lucifer. But, it reminded me more of the pale rider-death character from the Ghost Rider movies.

Seriously, I have no clue where this movie was trying to go, but all it did was stop dead in it's tracks.

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