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The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p15

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 215, chapter 215


Letting out a deep breath, our heroine shook her head as if moving a stray hair out of her eyes, even though she had short spikes. It was a habit she had developed when nervous. Clutching the book still to her chest, she began walking in the direction this new pack of werewolves were. "The last few years of my life has been nothing but fighting off angry demented egotistical wolves. Why should this be any different?" she commented as she continued on into the wooded area. The dirt crunching behind her as the Oaken male began to follow. "taDmoH" our heroine said as she half turned back around, her slim pale hand out in front of her.
The male found himself unable to move another step. Growling, he let his eyes flash the amber-grey of the wolf as he reached a clawed hand out, trying to grab her. 

"What was that Latin?" he snarled again. "Unbind me!"

"Actually, it was Klingon. I don't know Latin." she smiled in the dark as she moved quickly away from him, not sure how long he'd stay under the spell. "Now, if I were a mandrake root, where would I be?"
She found herself at the edge of a small stream, unable to cross it. Stomping like a mad child, she swore as a heat began to rise around her. This new pack of wolves had circled tight, their breaths mingling in the night, directed towards her, forcing her to move closer to the edge of the stream. Unfortunately, that trapped her against the invisible barrier that kept her as a vampiric creature from crossing the running water.

The largest of the wolves advanced towards her, his ears flat against his skull, his muzzle covered in blood. He was caramel in colour. This made him Reuben's bloodline. Raising an eyebrow, our heroine smirked. "This is too easy." she said under her breath with just too much smugness.  The wolf advanced again, slowly, growling, blood saliva dripping from his teeth.
Our heroine could not retreat any farther, the invisible barrier both tripping up her heels and holding her in place as if leaning against a wall. The large wolf pounced, snapping at her ear, nearly biting a chunk out of it before landing both front paws on her shoulders. Howling, he moved just enough to start transforming into human form.

He was about 5 foot 9, with jet black hair that was cut short, pale skin and brown eyes. His nose was not what you would call flat nor was it really round. And for a werewolf, he seemed very under shaped, nothing she'd come to expect from Reuben and the others.
The male wiped the back of his hand across his mouth, the crimson stain not budging. Squinting, he demanded to know who she was.

"Nosferatu." she replied licking her own lips in amusement.

"Does that come with a last name?"

"You going to mist some pants there buddy?"

"No." he answered bitterly. "Answer me woman!"

"Currently, it's Blacksmith." she sniffed, adjusting the strap of her leather bag on her shoulder, still clutching the spellbook.

"Currently?" he scratched at his jaw, letting the mist tease around him leaving a pair of leather pants in it's wake. The other shapeshifters still in wolf form, hovering a little too close for comfort.

"Recently claimed." Her attention was drawn to one of the other wolves who was nearest to her right. There was something off putting about him, the way he kept licking his muzzle, one front paw twitching. Then she realized, it wasn't twitching as much as not putting weight through it. The werewolf was injured. Most likely happened while in wolf form, therefore not having had a chance to heal yet. "You going to shift then?" the question was directed at the other wolf.

"He's fine. Where's your mate?" the male asked still looking at her like he wasn't sure if he was going to turn her into bbq?

"Around. Why?"

"Because..." he was nose to nose with her then, his right hand at her throat. "I'm the pack alpha for the Blacksmith clan, and trust me when I say, you do not belong to any of us. So tell me again who your mate is? And how did you know about us?"

Clearing her throat, she reached over, grabbing his hand, breaking two of his fingers. "Not only am I mated to a Blacksmith wolf, I'm also the pack alpha of the Oaken wolves." she growled, her own eyes flashing the amber-grey of the wolf.
The male howled in pain shaking out his hand, the fingers healing instantly. His teeth were about to close on her neck when he stopped. The other wolves turned in unison, towards the direction our heroine had come from. There just over the edge of the river bank, a figure emerged.

The male werewolf suddenly turned his back to her, his arms out as if to protect her. "I'll deal with you later woman!" he spat, baring his teeth.

"That won't be necessary." the prince said as he slowly moved towards them. "You left without saying good-bye. I am insulted."  He gestured towards her, never taking his eyes off the ground.

"It was getting a bit stuffy. Needed some fresh air."

"We had a deal." Vlad continued as he was then face to face with the alpha, who was still shielding our heroine from him. Tilting his head to the side, the prince flicked his wrist, sending the alpha flying sideways. "Not only am I insulted, I'm disappointed." 

"I meant you no disrespect. Just wanted to get my mandrake root. Nothing more." she replied flatly.  Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted the alpha in mid pounce as he sprang up from the dirt. "I've got this!" shouting, her voice caused all the wolves to wince. "He's not going to hurt me. Lest not this minute."

"I can not allow you to have the mandrake." Vlad made a clicking sound as he began to walk around her in a semi-circle, clearly avoiding the edge of the stream himself. Our heroine made a mental note of that, Vlad having at lest one of the same weaknesses as herself. "I do however, think it's best that you return with me to the camp. Say goodnight to your furball friends." He held out his left hand for her, waiting impatiently.
Sighing in defeat, our heroine relented moving away from the edge of the stream and starting to head back in the direction they had come from.

Turning towards them all, she growled."I will get what I want." she tightened her grip on the spellbook as she moved backwards. "Even if I have to kill everyone, and destroy every existing pack to do it."

"I wouldn't expect anything less." Vlad hissed. "From a mutt."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Yep, more wolves.)

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