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The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p12

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 212, chapter 212


Our heroine was in the cooking tent, mixing herbs in a small bowl, checking every few minutes in The Seer's book. "You killed one of my best men." she looked up to see Vlad standing in the shadows. "I'm going to have a hard time replacing him. Tell me why I shouldn't just kill you now?"

"With my luck Loki or Bacchus would just bring me back from the dead. It's a habit they have." she threw the comment over her shoulder not caring how she sounded.  Picking up a sprig of herbs, she sniffed sticking her tongue out tasting it. "That basil? Marjoram I think." She was about to add it to the mixture when it disappeared. Prince Vlad was beside her, the herb having been tossed across the room in the dirt. "Hey, I needed that."

"Marjoram would cause you to miscarriage. But..." he smirked tilting his head to the side. "you already knew that."  Pointing an extremely pale finger at her, he leaned over reading the book. "You really don't seem too torn up about having your friends leave you." he raised his chin casting his eyes down at her. "Is there something else going on?"

she smirked back at him then, feeling brave. She couldn't get over the fact she was standing there with him. "Maybe I just wanted to be alone with you my prince." she felt herself blush.

"I thought you said you couldn't love me?" his eyebrows knitted together as he half way turned, gesturing to the empty tent. "That you're already in love with two men and carrying the child of a third. Who it turns out is a god."

"I said I couldn't love you. Didn't say I wouldn't like to spend some time with you."

The prince leaned in even closer leaving no space between them. "From what I understand, you can't even do that now that your mate has claimed you." Our heroine said nothing at first, as she let her eyes flash the pure white of the banshee. Her hands grabbing at his arms, leaning in towards his ear.

"But I can still feed off of you." she bit him before he had a chance to move from her, not that it seemed like he was going to anyways. Grunting, the prince returned the favour, his fangs sinking into the soft flesh of her shoulder, the current between them electric.
Her eyes went wide as she seemed to be trapped, images flashing in front of her like a movie screen. She saw Vlad in battle, saw the carnage that he had suffered, saw the night the priest came to him performing a ritual before ripping his heart out of his chest. Still warm, still beating as he tore a chunk from it before adding the black blood to it. Before placing it back into Vlad's dead body. Saw a necromancer bring him back to life. The same black oily blood that the Necromancer back home used to create his zombies, the blood from the winged bat like creatures.
Moving from him, our heroine found herself gasping for air. "They did this to you on purpose?"

"Didn't they with you?"

"No. The man who sired me was just bored." she said still stunned. 

"And then he abandoned you..." trailing his knuckles lightly across her throat he savoured the sound of her blood rushing through her veins. The way it pounded in his ears still electric, still heightened from their feeding.

"No, he claimed me as his mate. Well, after killing me a few times and letting his uncle use me as a puppet."  Vlad's face clouded over with confusion. "Dagan. My original werewolf mate. He killed me triggering my vampirism."  Her ears twitched as the air seemed to shift suddenly. Clearing her throat she moved away from him a few inches just as the door to the tent was flung open. The former pack alpha was standing there.


"Oh my god really? It's Nosferatu..." she realized she had no clue what the names of the new werewolves were as she stumbled over her embarrassment.

"Jacob." he nodded.  "The others have gone to deal with a situation. I'm about to check the perimeter of the camp. Just letting you know in case..." he nodded towards the prince. "you were needing anything."

She smiled weakly at him still flushed from being caught with Vlad. "No. I'm in good hands."  Vlad lowered his head, walking around the cooking tent waiting for Jacob to leave.

"I don't mean to be rude, but when I asked you to stay I had not planned on extending that invitation to a pack of dogs. Will they be here hovering all the time?"

"I'm afraid so. Loyalty is a high trait with shapeshifters."

"Then we might very well have a problem." the prince dropped his chin as he did his voice, his eyes stern. "I've worked very hard to keep my kingdom safe. My men safe. I have to be careful, as there are spies everywhere."

"As I said, loyalty is a high trait with them."

"You just met them." he gestured widely towards nothing. "How can you know you can trust them?"

"I'm the pack alpha."

"Not from what I heard." he rested his palm on her stomach punctuating the fact it was the unborn son that she carried that truly became the alpha when she shacked Reuben.

"Trust me."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. This is the king of bloodsuckers, you know he's up to something)

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