Sunday, May 3, 2015

Theme Week part 3- Corey Feldman

Bordello of Blood

plot: After her brother Caleb goes missing, Catherine hires a private investigator to find him. What he finds, is that Caleb and his buddies have fallen victim to a group of vampires when they went to a brothel. Which as it turns out is run by the vampire goddess Lilith.

This is a 1996 comedy horror starring Corey Feldman and Dennis Miller.

This was when Feldman seemed to be making a major name for himself as a "vampire actor". He was showing up in movies and tv shows where he either played a vampire or a hunter.  This film was also a major nod to the genre in general, having Chris Sarandon (Fright Night and it's remake) Erika Eleniak (Blob remake, Dracula 3000) and Corey Feldman at the time.

It is a Tales from the Crypt movie, second in what was suppose to be a trilogy. (don't know if the third ever did get made?)  And some of the jokes are directed to that fact.
Some of my favourite scenes have just the vampire Lilith delivering one liners like "this bloods for you" when she hands over a still beating heart, or "love a man who gives you head and let's you keep it." when she decapitates one of her victims.

This is another one of those stories that goes over the top at times to make it's point, setting what could be very serious situations into an extremely silly setting, like the preacher who co-owns the brothel and strip club, or the fact it's being hidden in a funeral home and what they're doing to the bodies of the victims.  Had this been a straight up horror, it might have played better.

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