Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Theme week part 5- Corey Feldman

Blown Away

plot: Rich and his brother Wes, find themselves in the middle of a murder investigation after Rich falls for the teenaged daughter of their boss. She seduces him into leaving his girlfriend, and plants the idea in his head that her father is not only abusive but the one who killed her mother. But he begins to suspect he's being played when more bodies start to turn up.

This is a 1992/93 crime thriller starring Corey Feldman and Corey Haim.

Feldman has the supporting role in this and not the lead. He ends up playing the character of Wes as a creepy sleezeball, delivering his lines one way but with camera zooms and angles giving a nod to what his character really is. Hence the creepy sleezeball.  While Haim ironically, spends most of the movie naked.

Given the year/decade this movie came out, it's no surprise you have way too many sex scenes that don't really advance the plot, and leave you wondering how much of it was actually acting and if you're just watching a porno?

The pace of it is a bit slow, not really getting to the heart of the matter until the last 15 minutes when we see the Feldman character freak out in the police station, which honestly, if they had opened with that scene would have made the movie a bit more interesting.

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