Saturday, May 9, 2015

Random movie May 9th 2015

Hot Pursuit

plot: When a Cooper is partnered up to help escort a couple into witness protection, she finds herself alone after her partner is killed along with the husband. With no choice but to finish the job, and get the wife Mrs Riva, to safety. They end up having to dodge dirty cops, and a couple of mob hitmen while dealing with both a time limit and being suddenly all over the news.

This is the 2015 buddy comedy starring Reese Witherspoon and  Sofia Vergara.

How can you tell it`s spring/summer time here?  I can actually get out to the cinema! I hadn't originally planned on seeing this film, I mean, you see one buddy cop movie you've seen them all right? But, I decided to go to the cinema and this was the first showing of the day so...

Not bad for what it is. At an hour and half, it flew by.  There is enough action to keep people interested, but the main attraction is the way the two leads interact. The chemistry is better then I've seen in recent buddy movies. I hope the two leads work together again.
With Vergara's accent and Witherspoon's fast delivery of lines, it's easy to miss some of the jokes, but it adds to the charm of the pairing. 

Because this is just out at cinemas, I don't want to give too many spoilers, but the "shotgun" factor shows up in a few good moments. 
And I have to say, stylish shoes and granny underwear rule the day.

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