Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 336

starring: Josh Charles, Lara Flynn Boyle
genre: Drama, Comedy
year: 1994
format: online

plot: Alex, a woman is mistakenly added to a men's dorm room, and falls quickly for both her roommates. One of which is straight and one who is gay.

This is said to be a semi-autobiographical story by the writer/director.

This is one of those films that debuted a few years before the big rush of bad raunch-comedy that has become so connected to college movies.  And thank god it did.  There is a real story here that if this film had been made even four years later, would have fallen victim to the raunch-comedy.

The sub-stories run from finding yourself, to finding friendship where you didn't think it could be, to the idea that a lot of people simply can't handle the notion that someone around them/that they care about could be anything other then what they wish they could.

This film is all about the sex.  Even though the actual sex scenes are limited, the topic is pretty much the only one expressed.  It's almost like a escape route for the characters whenever anything serious is about to happen.

what do i think i learned from this film?
You can't change who you are, nor can you change anyone else to fit your idea of them.

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