Saturday, September 28, 2013

Top 5 Fav Charmed episodes

Okay, so I haven't been watching any movies in the last few weeks. To be honest, I haven't been in the mood. What I have been doing, other then writing my serial on here "The Nosferatu Adventures", is watching old episodes of Charmed. 
So I thought, why not give a quick list of my top 5 favourite episodes...and frankly, the blog needed a post on something right now.

1. Chris-Crossed

2. Witchstock

3. Something Wicca this Way Comes

4. Oh My Goddess part 1 and 2

5. Cat House

I'm one of those who thought the series got better after the end of season 3. 

I really liked that they finally started to focus on the character of Chris's future story in the episode of Chris-Crossed.

Witchstock was just a light episode in general that also added some depth to the "older" characters.

Cat House is on here because I liked the idea of seeing what happens to a "character" that's been there for most of the series who was sort of written out, by giving them a "current" life.

Something Wicca this Way Comes...pilot episode. There is just a vibe about that episode that to me fits better with season 8.  Don't know why just does.

Oh My Goddess... nice to see some real mythology being used, even if it is in a sitcom way.

till later

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