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The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 26

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 56, chapter 56

"So what exactly happened here?" the Seer asked as he brushed off the mud from his clothes, spitting out someone's hair. "One minute I'm sitting in the cabin studying the weird mustard painting and the next, I'm fighting you guys." he gestured with his left hand towards the cabin then brought it up to fix his hair wishing he had a mirror.

"Full moon. Well, that and the female." Ash answered.

"Is that going to happen every month? What about blue moons? There are at lest two blue moons a year." he said, rotating his head leaning slightly, his eyebrows raised.

"No. Shouldn't happen again. Not because of her anyways." Ash continued, slapping his hand to his thigh then shrugged. "She declared herself Reuben's mate."

"She declared...what?" the Seer giggled as he turned to look at the woods then back to the others who were all standing there waiting for the someone else to move first. "She wasn't suppose to pick Reuben." the Seer rubbed his temples shaking his head, his lips in a perfect 'o'. "She was suppose to claim you." he gestured towards Ash. "That's what I saw the other day. I saw her..." he pointed towards the older wolf. "claiming you as her mate."

Ash did a double take eyes wide. "Huh."

"That's all you have to say?" Rolf questioned, wiping the corners of his mouth.


"I'm so sick of the whole sire bond" our heroine said moving around the cabin, heading to the bedroom of the old witch.  Reuben was hot on her heels, slamming his fist into the wall as he followed. He watched from the doorway, one arm out straight hanging onto the door frame, the other rubbing at his face in frustration. The female started searching through the dresser for something to wear, then moved over to the closet. She pulled out a flower printed dress that reminded her of something from the 1940's, and a slip. Unbuckling the belt she'd taken from Harker, she let the bed sheet she was still wrapped in fall to the floor as she slithered into to the slip then the dress. "Would a pair of pants really kill anyone?"

"Females around here don't really wear pants. Other then the amazons." Reuben spat the sentence out still extremely upset.  Our heroine threw him a look over her shoulder as if to say figures.  She tried to leave the room, but he was still blocking the doorway.

"You going to move?"

"You going to answer my questions?" His eyes flashed wolf for a second, his nostrils flaring, his breath coming in sharp gasps.  Placing both palms on the tall male's chest, she stood up on her tip toes, her tongue darting out over his mouth as she pushed him out of the way, moving past him.

"Well, I didn't plan on claiming anyone. But, I saw everyone killing each other, and something snapped. I figured, pick one anyone." she stepped over a fallen stack of books, looking around the place.

"But why me?" he punctuated the sentence with a flick of his hair.

"Cause you're safe!" she let her hand slap against her thigh. "If I'm going to be linked for god knows how long to a man, it might as well be someone I can trust not know."

"No, actually I don't know." he stalked towards her kicking a fallen chair out of his road.  That's when the door to the cabin burst inward, a glowing orb smashing Reuben in the chest sending him flying backwards into the wall.

"Knock knock anybody home?"  The guy was dressed in jeans, a grey long sleeve shirt. his short hair the colour of wet sand, streaked with grey and sun-bleached blonde. She couldn't see his eyes as they were hidden behind tinted glasses. "You're not Melinda. You're not even a witch." he moved towards her, his right hand passing over her like a metal detector. "What are you? Your aura is not normal, not natural. It's coming off you like smoke."  he turned then towards Reuben as the werewolf stood back up, charging at him. The guy simply raised his hand, another glowing orb crashing into Reuben again. "Werewolf. Don't worry, I got him." he moved a step towards the fallen male.
He fell to the floor with a thump as the large hardcover book smashed across the back of his skull.

"You werewolves really need a new press agent. Everyone seems to think you're the bad guys." our heroine huffed as she stepped around the new guy, moving towards Reuben. "I think it's all the lovely black you wear."

"Black goes with everything." he looked at his arm which was now scratched up from having snagged on an exposed nail. "Perfect!" he shouted, once again punctuating the word with a flick of his long hair. "See this." he pointed to first the scratch then the man on the floor. "This is what I don't want to have to deal with all the time. Trouble follows you like a lost puppy." he leaned over, his nose almost touching her's. "Dagan is much better suited for all of this extra...stuff." he waved his still sliced arm around, blood smeared across it.

"That doesn't look like it's healing." she commented grabbing him to get a better look. Reuben jerked his arm from her, still angry.

"Let's get rid of this guy and find out what's going on." he moved a few feet picking the guy up by the back of the neck, tossing him outside. He was about to tie him to the nearest tree with the laundry line, when he stopped licking his lips. "What do you mean by me being safe?"   Our heroine crossed her arms under her chest, her eyes sideways at him.

"You know. The fact I'm not your type, that you're not into..." she grabbed her boobs.  Reuben's eyes went wide as he tied the intruder to the tree, then fixed his hair into his too smooth to be human ponytail.

"I never said that. What gave you that idea?" the werewolf asked shaking his head.

"The others mostly." she commented.

The tall male made a duck bill with his lips as his features changed, an evil thought clearly in his eyes as they turned to the amber-grey of the wolf. Sniffing her, he whispered "Sweetheart, everyone's my type." he made a sound that was not totally human and not totally animalistic as he moved from her, heading back into the cabin, smacking her ass as he did.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. )

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