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The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 20

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 50, chapter 50

The celebration was in full swing by the time the two werewolves returned to the castle. The place was filled with the scents of food, wine, people. Dagan hovered in the doorway of the kitchen, leaning on it, his head down, running his hand through his hair, he sniffed. Rolling his eyes, he slowed his pace and entered the room. He walked straight past the servants, past the bedrooms and down to the ballroom. He knew there was at lest twenty people inside the room, knew most of them were drunk already, and knew the servants had set up a small table of food.  The smells were blending together invading his nose, the noises echoing in his ears. Since becoming a werewolf, he really hated parties.
Opening the doors he walked into the middle of the crowd.

Sniffing deeply, Dagan caught the scent he'd been hunting for. Turning to the Seer, he leaned in whispering for the other werewolf to check the left side of the room while he took the right.  The two weaved in and out of the crowd, but when they found themselves face to face again a moment later without having spotted her, they both seemed unsettled.

"She's here somewhere. The scent is fresh." Dagan said shaking his head his eyes closed.

"I'll check the next few rooms. Maybe she is with Harker?" the Seer commented as he disappeared into the hallway.  Dagan took another spin around the room, stopping when he found himself a few feet away from Victor and a blonde woman.
The woman was very pretty, beautiful even. Her long blonde hair piled high in ringlettes, her skin the colour of cream, which seemed to be enhanced by the rose coloured dress she was wearing.  Her blue eyes skirted across Dagan's form, before she turned to look at Victor.

"Are you two brothers?" she asked.

"Ah forgive me, Mary this is my nephew." Victor said as he gestured with the wine glass in his hand. "You look as if you're lost." he commented then a smirk on his face.

"Where is she?" Dagan asked as he leaned in towards his uncle. The scent he'd been tracking suddenly getting stronger.

"She who? There are at lest ten women here."

"The female you've been shacked up with for the last few days. Where is Nosferatu?" he leaned in again as to not attract too much attention, and that's when it hit him. The scent was coming from Mary.

Grabbing the woman, Dagan sniffed deeply, her hair, her ear, her neck. She smelled like our heroine. He was half transformed, his nails like glassy claws, his fangs exposed, two days worth of beard suddenly on his face, as he bit down on the woman's neck, ripping a chunk of her flesh. He drank deeply for a moment, the guests now huddled together near the one wall. The blonde's blood tasted like Nosferatu's, thickly laced with werewolf blood, his blood. Tossing her to the floor, Dagan turned facing Victor.

"What the hell have you done?" Victor's voice took on a menacing tone.

"What have I done? What have you done with Nosferatu!" he growled, bloody saliva dripping from his lips as he grabbed his uncle by the shirt.  Victor's eyes flashed yellow as he snarled himself, batting the younger man away like a toy.
Cracking his neck, Victor threw his arms back behind him slightly, his chest puffed out as he seemed to shimmer like a ripple through water.   Dagan expected suddenly for him to change, to become something other then the man he knew, but the only thing that changed were Victor's eyes. They were bright yellow like the creature that had stolen the female days before in the crypt.(get ready for the one flashback link)

"She was perfect." Victor screamed at him as he bent to pick Mary up, who was still half alive, her hand clutching at her ruined neck. "Finally, a triumph. Good LORD.  Do you know how long it's taken me to perfect the creation you see before you? Huh? Years, decades."

"What. Have. You. Done.With. Nosferatu!" the sound was more animalistic then human as the blood saliva still dripped.

Victor chuckled. "What you were too crippled with fear to do. Then when I was finished, I drained her. Every last drop for my beautiful..."  his sentence was cut off as Dagan's nails ripped across Victor's throat. He didn't bleed. The wounds closed without a drop of blood spilling. Victor smiled down at his nephew as he carried the blonde woman to a table, laying her down on it. Turning to face Dagan, Victor just shook his head. "What? Did you think I was less then you? Huh, that I was human? I have been more then human, for decades. Better then human, better then you and your little pack of lycanthropes, better then your little vampire slut."

Dagan took a half step back, his hand out fingers wagging in Victor's direction. "Then what are you?" 

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