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The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 27

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 57, chapter 57

Our heroine stood there, watching the intruder. It wasn't long before he came to. "Who are you, what are you and why are you here?"

"Untie me and I'll tell you everything." his voice was low, steady, smooth. But there was something else just under the surface. An urgency.

"Talk first, untie later." she said daring to step closer to him.

"Names Finn. I'm a familiar."

Our heroine doubled over laughing hysterically. "A familiar? Like a witch's protective animal?" Finn nodded as she nearly fell over laughing. "Right. I'm suppose to believe that?" she leaned an arm on the tree he was tied to, staring up at him. She found herself removing his tinted glasses without even having thought about the motion. His eyes were not human, but indeed shaped like a cat's, the most beautiful green eyes she'd ever seen. "Talk."

He took a deep breath looking up at the moon. "Long story. Boils down to I've been sent here to protect the witch who lives here. I only have till sunrise, then I turn back into my animal form till I'm needed again."

"Okay." she cleared her throat as she moved around him to untie him. "First off, you're a little late on protecting the witch who lived here. She's been dead for a few weeks. Who sent you?"

Finn took his glasses from her as he rubbed at his hands from where the rope had been digging into his flesh. "I was sent by my witch. Something to do with the full moon tonight." he placed his glasses back on his face, pointing to the sky.  Spinning around suddenly, his arms out to the sides as if shielding our heroine, he spotted Reuben emerge from the cabin.  "Werewolf. Stay behind me." he was about to throw another orb when our heroine grabbed his arms.

"No! He's with me. What is your problem with werewolves?"

"There has been a number of witches killed lately. All evidence points to a group of werewolves." Finn answered still standing in front of her.

"Well honey, you're making headlines." our heroine said moving around the familiar. 

"Wait, he's your mate?" Finn asked in shock.

"Depends on who you talk to." she pinched the bridge of her nose.

"Did I interrupt a claiming? During the full moon a werewolf can claim a female for his mate, therefore taking the alpha position from the current pack leader, or strengthen his own position already."

"Yeah, learned that part the hard way."

"Unless the ritual isn't completed. Then, until sunrise it's anyone's he's your mate then? The pack alpha?"

Reuben shook his head glaring at them both. "I refuse to take that from Dagan! If she had just kept her mouth shut, none of this would have happened!"

"Whoa. You mean you didn't claim her?" he turned to look at Reuben then to look at the female. "She claimed you? How is that possible?" he pulled his glasses down his nose looking at her. "She's not even a werewolf. Ah man!" he looked up at the sky then. "Never an easy job." he shook his head then staring at the ground. "I think I'm here to protect you. To keep you from..." he moved his hand in circles as he let out a soft breath. "To keep you from finishing the claiming. If you claimed him, then that means you become the alpha not him. And you can't have a non-werewolf in that kind of a position, it throws the balance off. The natural order."

"So you're saying no shacking up with Reuben?" she laughed some more. "Your job just got a whole lot easier. Cause I don't see that being a problem."   Reuben rolled his eyes tilting his head, throwing her a seductive smile, letting the magic mist dissolve his shirt, leaving him half naked. Our heroine closed her eyes suddenly thinking a cold shower was in order.

"Yeah, basically. If the ritual isn't completed before the sunrises, the whole thing is void. Alpha position reverts back to whomever you took it from." Finn replied oblivious to Reuben's teasing.

"Not to worry. I've been around these guys for the last few weeks, and trust me when I say none of them are interesting in having me as their mate." the female said as Reuben walked around the other male, smiling as he stuck his tongue out at Nosferatu, his eyes sparkling with mischief. 

"You would think. But, if you don't...finish the ritual pretty much right away, the others will start to get restless, they will come after you and's some weird instinct they have. They need a pack leader, and they will know if there isn't one. Even for a few hours."

Our heroine screamed as she stomped off into the cabin and crossed into the bedroom. Putting her palm flat on her chest, she jumped as the figure moved from the window where he'd been sitting, waiting. Slowly, the male emerged from the shadows, spinning the dream catcher around in his hand. Dagan looked at her, his mouth open his eyes half closed before pouting. His hair slicked back as he tossed the dream catcher onto the bed. "You and I have some unfinished business."  He was beside her suddenly, leaning one shoulder on the door frame, his hands behind him. Sniffing deeply, he raised both eyebrows in a quick single movement. "You still smell like you, so you haven't fed. And if you haven't fed, I'm guessing you haven't..." he tapped her foot with his. "Which means that I technically am still alpha, and besides..." he stood up straight wrapping his arms around her shoulders, resting his chin on her hair. "That damned sire bond is still there. Itching." he growled. 

"Tell it to my new babysitter Mr.Kitty." she wriggled out of his grasp managing to squeeze past him into the bedroom. Dagan swore as he spun around then to face her, his eyes squinted as he advanced a step. Bringing his left hand up he touched his right shoulder, investigating the bite that was just at the edge of his shirt. "You were right, I haven't fed."

"I told you they would be coming after you." a voice said from the living room. Dagan turned to see Finn standing there suddenly.  "Wait, were you two flirting?"  

Dagan nodded as he blocked the doorway, hanging onto the top of the door frame. "We were in the middle of a game of I'll show you mine if you show me yours...fangs I mean." he smirked snapping his teeth at Finn, stretching his right arm out waggling his fingers at him then made a bouncing gesture with his hand.  "Fangs." he closed the door bolting it.  Leaning against the locked door Dagan let out a grunt. "So where were we?"

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (yeah another straight up piece of the story. A dark room alone with Dagan...)

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