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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p2

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 61, chapter 61

Reuben entered the cabin first, still spitting and swearing, Rolf following behind him. Our heroine stopped mopping the floors when she realized the males were tracking in mud, blood and god knows what else.  "I give up. What's wrong with him?" she asked gesturing towards Reuben. Rolf said nothing as he glared at Finn who was still sitting at the kitchen table, reading from one of the old witch's spell books.
Dagan sauntered into the place, covered from the knees down in mud, streaks of something dark seemed to be all over him, his hair messed up. He didn't stop moving until he was right up on her, his face buried in her shoulder as he hugged her.  "Okay what the hell is going on? Are you guys stoned or something?"

"We just spent the last half hour burying wolves. Timber wolves, not shapeshifters." Rolf said."He stumbled upon one in the woods, and when we went to check out the area, we found all these dead wolves."

"Wolves. As in plural?" she asked as Dagan sniffed a few times and she realized he was wiping his nose on her shoulder. "Ew! Off of me." she tried pushing him away but he just hugged her tighter. "I guess I should be thankful it's just snot. What is it with you and wiping your bodily fluids on me?"

"You make a fabulous snot rag." he said, his voice still heavy with emotion. "I mean handkerchief. I meant handkerchief." he grabbed her arm rubbing his face down the length of it snorting just to add effect.  "I'm actually not finished hugging." he squeezed her ribs till he heard a popping noise then let go. "You'll heal in a minute."

"Someone has been killing wolves. We need to find out why?" Reuben said, flicking his hair then grabbing it with both hands nearly ripping it out.

"There was no sign of anything human or that it was by another animal." Rolf  shook his head as he looked everywhere but at her, his own eyes filled with rage.  "It had to be magical."

"Wait." our heroine breathed once she felt her ribs starting to heal, giving Dagan a kick in the thigh. "No marks, no bites, no hunter's arrows? Then how do you know it wasn't just old age or disease?"

"Because it was nearly four full packs. Wiped out." Rolf continued. "There was nothing, not one mark or scratch or anything to suggest they were carrying disease, and it wasn't old age, some of them were puppies." he shook his head again, his voice getting louder. "Na, this was someone magical. What I don't understand is why? And where was Loki or Artemis? Why didn't they protect them?"

"Wasn't Artemis known for having hounds?" our heroine asked.

"Yeah." Finn commented. "But she was also a moon goddess, which automatically connects her to wolves."

"Thanks for the history lesson." our heroine replied.

Finn tucked his chin towards his chest, pulling the tinted glasses down his nose as he looked at her. "You're the chick who runs with wolves remember." he gestured towards the other three. "Their lore is now yours."

"Why are you still here?" Dagan screamed at him, moving towards the familiar his hand up in the air midway between Finn and himself.

"Sunrise is still another forty minutes."

"Might be a really stupid question, but how does this impact you lot exactly?" our heroine asked, her voice dropping to a hush.

"We're werewolves. Distant cousins if you will of normal wolves. We share so many of the same traits, pack wise. Seriously Nos, you should know this by now, you've been with us long enough." Reuben answered as he uncrossed his arms pointing at her. Tossing his head back, his hands linked behind his neck he closed his eyes, his shoulders slumping. "I didn't mean to accuse you of anything. This just..." he shook his head again leaving the cabin.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story once again.  And a lot shorter today)

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