Thursday, October 29, 2015

13 days of Hallowe'en Day 11


plot: After moving to a new town, Zach believes his neighbour is being held against her will by her dad. Breaking into the neighbour's house, Zach and his new buddy Champ, discover that their neighbour is none other then author R.L.Stine. Curious as to why he has all the original manuscripts to his famous books under lock and key, the two boys decide to open one. To their horror it unleashes one of the monsters from the story. Too bad for them, it wasn't the only one, as a ventriloquist's dummy, Slappy, has been awakened as well. Slappy steals all the remaining books and begins to free the monsters, wrecking havoc on the town.

This is the 2015 comedy horror starring Jack Black and Dylan Minnette

So, yay me, got to the cinema.

Try to do this without spoilers as it is still in cinemas.   Even though Jack Black has three roles : Stine, Slappy and the voice of the  Invisible Boy; there wasn't enough of him on screen for my tastes.  Yes, I get this was targeted to kids, and therefore the teenagers were the "stars" of the piece, but Black stole the scenes he was in.

There wasn't a whole lot different then anything you've seen on the tv show, it kept it's pace and managed to keep the large assortment of monsters in check. There were by my count, seven featured bad guys in this with the "rest" being crowd filler. Which, given the source material, was a feet in itself. This could have branched off into a ton of different story lines, but managed to keep it tight enough to be easy to follow.
I loved the little nods to The Shining, and the typewriter. I actually felt there were a few threads that kick back to the bases of The Shining and Stephen King's Dark Half and Secret Window.

Did I mention I hate ventriloquist dummies?  I think that was the perfect selection for the big bad in this. 

What would I like to see in the sequel...more Jack Black.

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