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The Nosferatu Adventrues s9 p17

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 241, chapter 241

Rolf's Kingdom

Dagan paced back and forth snarling, his shoulders slouched, neck slightly forward. Running his hand through his hair first to fix it slicking it back, then grabbing a fistful of it in frustration. "No! No! You can not tell me that she got..." he turned practically stabbing Reuben in the chest with his finger. "No!" he shook his head. "Dracula yeah, I get it, hell I expect it! But that..." he crossed his arms then uncrossed them pointing dramatically towards the door of the library. "I want a damn blood test! There's no way she would ever...he's not her type."

"He's totally her type." Reuben said calmly as he ran his hand over his beard.

"Blood type maybe. I know she had to feed somehow right? I mean, we all know what a blood slut for wolf she is, but there's no way she'd ever hook up with that...that...Maxwell." he was screaming at this point, his eyes having shifted to the amber-grey of the wolf.

"Look, all I know for sure is that Loki used Maxwell's dna, along with a few other alphas, and she had a litter. And survived it." Reuben commented closing his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes for a brief second, his long lashes delicately brushing his cheek. "Then the original Seer came into the picture and all bets were off." he let out a deep sigh slapping his hand on his buddy's shoulder. "Went berserk."

"Ah-ha!" Dagan turned on his heels at lightening speed. "And that's why I'm telling you she never let this slime ball in!"

"Dagan man." Rolf said from his position a few feet away as he leaned against the library desk. "They had gotten close before we ever left Vlad's camp. And that's eight years ago."

The auburn haired werewolf licked his lips staring at the taller male. "No. See I know for a fact you're wrong. Cause I was there." he jabbed his thumb in his own chest as he tilted towards Rolf. "When I went through that time portal. When that old nun witch chicky sent me back to find her." he held up the six sided ring he'd been clasping; the ring Loki had given our heroine eight years before. "See, I took this off the witch when I was back there."

"What do you mean witch?" Rolf asked.

"The crazy woman who was glamoured up to the hilt pretending to be my...our pain in the ass."

"Whoa, pretending to be Nos?" Reuben replied spreading his fingers wide as he raised his hand again towards Dagan. "Who in their right mind would want to pretend to be Nos?"

"Yeah." he shrugged. "That's the thing, she wasn't in her right mind. Or her left for that matter. She kidnapped the bat-girl and kept her in an old well for four years."

"How?" Rolf asked flicking his hair out of his face. "How is it possible to pretend to be her around a group of werewolves?"

"Well..." Dagan shrugged again, rolling his eyes. "Magick. She captured her, kept her in a well draining her blood so that she could drink it and glamour, and no one knew. The whole time till I got there. She admitted she killed everyone that...that...thing..." he pointed again angrily towards the door.

"Maxwell." Rolf said clearing his throat.

"Whatever. Was connected to."

"Okay but why?" Reuben asked.

"The original Seer. She wanted him for herself. Was part of his coven and got all bunny offense." he nodded towards Reuben. "She got all bunny killer and decided to take her place."

"So this was because The original Seer was in love with Nosferatu?" Rolf commented. Snorting he grinned. "You lost your chance man."

Dagan screwing up his nose like he smelled something bad. Moving a few feet he raised a hand as if dismissing them, crossing the room to where Damen was. Leaning over to look at what the eight year old was drawing, he scratched at his jaw. "That you?" he asked pointing to the smallest stick figure in the drawing. The little boy nodded not bothering to look up from his colouring. "And that's Rolf?" the boy nodded again writing the word uncle; under the largest of the stick figures. "So this must be Reuben.  Then who's those two there?" the male asked pointing to the far side of the page. The eight year old stuck his tongue out of his mouth as if panting, as he wrote the word daddy; under the one stick figure, and mommy; under the other adding a triangle for her skirt. "Huh." Dagan grunted running his own tongue over his teeth taking a free crayon from the pile to the kid's left. "You need to make her bigger." he held up his hands in front of the kid's face. "this way I mean." then added a larger triangle to the skirt.

"So where is she then? If you were sent back through a time portal to save her why isn't she here?" Rolf asked standing.

"Loki beat me to it." Dagan mumbled as he stood up again rumpling the kid's hair. "I killed the witch found the well but she'd already been saved by Loki." he remarked leaning back at the waist hands up in the air. "Probably off sticking his orbs into her again for another round of puppies." he snarled.
The doors to the library opened causing them all to turn to look as Harker walked into the room a large mug of coffee in hand.

"Dagan, what are you doing here?" he seemed exhausted and slightly disheveled. "What did I miss?"

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. The slayerettes in the library with the axe...)

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