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The Nosferatu Adventures s9 p16

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 240, chapter 240

Out of Time
The Scrapbook Conspiracy

Our heroine padded around the apartment barefoot, adjusting finally to the temperature of being out of the old damp well. Too bad for her she couldn't sleep. Not bothering to turn on any of the lights, as her sensitive banshee-werewolf eyes seemed to hurt more with the fluorescent lights then they did in daylight, she made her way into the kitchen. Opening the fridge, she let out a sigh feeling suddenly like a bored teenager. Which was ironic, given she was already middle aged by the time she had been turned a decade before. Grabbing the container of milk, she decided to make herself a hot chocolate. It seemed appropriate enough, and it was something she found herself really missing since being held captive for the last four years.  Opening and closing the drawers, she looked for a spoon, that's when her hand brushed against something. Looking closer, our heroine saw that Loki had stashed a large stack of papers in the back of the drawer. Reading through them, she discovered they were all newspaper clippings about unsolved murders that had been happening recently in the area.
Her breath caught in her throat as she read them, each more detailed than the other. To the average reader, they seemed like animal attacks, but to her she knew them for what they were.  A werewolf feeding.

"Don't!" our heroine screamed raising her hand outward not bothering to look. "Careful, I just sorted that." she gestured with the one hand towards Loki a few hours later, as he shimmered into the living room of the apartment, landing in the middle of what looked like a crazed art project.

"Uh Nos..." he raised an eyebrow at her feeling her flinch at hearing someone other then Reuben address her by that endearment. "....feratu. What's going on?" the dark haired god asked taking an exaggerated step over half the pile of papers to his left. "Did the filing cabinet blow up?"

"Sure if you need it to have." she was hunched over the kitchen table arranging small bits of paper into what looked like a large book. Crossing to where she was, Loki leaned over her shoulder his jaw tightened in worry. "You lied to me."

"Possibly. Why is my apartment a mess?"  Saying nothing she shoved a photocopy into his face. Grabbing it from her, he let out a sigh of frustration. "Yeah so?"

"Why do you have news clippings of a string of animal attacks?" she air quoted the last half of the sentence. "You told me magick was different here. Told me that I wouldn't have to worry about the whole full moon ritual and the pack's desire for alpha status or being claimed and yet..." she held up another fistful of the newspaper clippings turning towards him. "Is that why you brought me here? Instead of just letting me be with Vlad or whatever? Because there is a werewolf running around? Cause I'm not going down that highway ever again. And the only reason I haven't asked you to remove my werewolfness is because of Rolf." she turned back to the project in front of her not willing to let Loki know just how connected she was still to her adopted twin. Unwilling to talk about the fact she still had flashes of his life, seeing things through his eyes, catching parts of his dreams. Even in a completely different realm of reality, she was connected to the others. To her pack. Better or worse.

"You actually weren't suppose to find out about him. That's why I said I needed to keep an eye on you." he shrugged scratching the back of his neck. "Believe it or not, this is still the safest place for you. And yes, sometimes things happen and we relocate a supernatural being to another reality. In this case...he doesn't even know who he is or what he is. Which is why I brought you here because I need to be here watching him closely."  Loki screwed up his face in a semi-pout then bit his bottom lip. "Is that glitter?"

"Yeah it's suppose to represent fairy dust." she commented picking up a glue stick fiddling with it. "I raided the supply closet when I went down to the office to photocopy. I was bored."

"You couldn't just keep a file folder? You had to turn it into..." he picked up the large scrapbook flipping through it. "You found this in the office?"

"Yeah, your last secretary had it in her desk drawer. I figured she wouldn't mind me refitting it, given you said she was dead and all." she had a pink pipecleaner in hand twirling it. "That and my vampire binder is falling apart.Over a decade old, seen better days."

"Yeah I thought you were going to cry when I walked by your room and saw you duct taping it like your life depended on it." the dark haired god could not wrap his head around why she had bothered to create the scrapbook, until he noticed The Seer's spellbook was open on the table beside them. The page in the spellbook revealed a family tree, much like the one our heroine had drawn on the latest page of the scrapbook. This was intended to at some point be passed on. Slamming the book closed he dropped it back on the table turning towards the counter. Grabbing himself a glass, he poured enough bourbon to fill it.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Anyone else have that old Black Sabbath song in their heads? Fairies wear boots)

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