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The Nosferatu Adventures s10 p11

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 259, chapter 259

Out of Time...

Loki's eyes were their human brown, and devoid of all their sparkle as he looked at our heroine. "OUT!" he waved his hand, Edric and Quentin disappearing.


The yelp startled Matilda causing her to drop the burnt tray of cookies.  "A puppy."  The Seer said gleefully.

"Not a puppy, a hellhound."  Dagan said automatically reaching for the little furball. It darted out of his grasp, running circles around first The Seer's legs, then straight for Matilda before doubling back to investigate Rufus. Dagan lurched for him again still missing, before giving up and just sitting on the floor, his back against the nearest bookcase. Bringing his knees up, he draped his wrists over them closing his eyes.  Satisfied that the occult shop was safe, the little pup gave a short snort as he raced back to where Dagan was, squeezing in under his legs as if a tent and stretched out. "You're a little weirdo aren't you?"


"Shack!" Edric screamed as he kicked a parked car. The vehicle skirted across the empty street the side door caved in, before screeching to a stop against a tree, the security alarm going off.

"What just happened?" Quentin asked as he leaned back at the night sky.


"Have you lost your sense of reality?" Loki asked. Licking his lips, he cast his eyes down his left hand out palm up. "You went against my orders with The Seer, you decided to shack Arthur who is very human by the way, you shacked me..."

"Actually you shacked me." our heroine interrupted.

"...and what you shacked that guy?"

"I never shacked him! I don't even know him!"

"Well I'd beg to differ given he is sired to you." Loki replied poking his left palm with his middle finger. Angry looking rust coloured sparks slithered across his palm when he did. "Something happened for him to be!" he ducked his neck closer to her, his shoulders hunched. "Explain to me how you..." he gestured towards her. "You managed to create such a trail of shackables?"

"That guy." she pointed to the closed door. "Can't be sired to me, I've never seen..." she turned staring at the door, then stopped mid sentence. "Double anchovy." she let out a deep sigh of exhaustion. "I didn't sleep with him. I fed off of him. The other night, at Edward's. He was the neighbour. I pretended to be a pizza delivery to get access to his apartment and helped Edward escape his. I thought he was dead. Dead-dead."

"Well he's not. And now he's about to be your big obsession. Just like you were for Dagan." he tilted his head to the side waiting. "In fact, you should have started with the crazy by now. I sent him the next town over." he shifted his weight from one foot to the other, his right hand propping up his other elbow. He reached out poking her shoulder sending her swaying. The dark haired god poked her shoulder again. "Crazy yet? Crazy yet?"

"You're eyes are extra beady today." she remarked coldly. "Makes your arse look flat."

"That made zero sense even for you." he shook his head at her, smirking."Flirting isn't going to get you out of this one." he lifted his chin squaring an already squared jaw.

"Well suck it up while you can. Cause if you're even a sliver right, our living arrangements are going to get really crowded." she sighed locking her fingers behind her neck, her eyes closed.

"You know there is a solution to this. You and Dagan had the sire bond broken more than once. Just slaughter the dude and his little homeless friend." Loki replied waving his hand around, a green orb suddenly appearing as he tossed it like a golf ball.  He watched her breathing deeply for a moment, her breath coming out in precise exhales as she counted to five before each, her right leg suddenly twitching. Growling, our heroine moved around the god in a jagged motion before turning on her heels and heading towards the bathroom. Loki's eyebrows knitted together as he waited for her to return, a smirk once again plastered to his face. He watched as the now frustrated female stalked past him heading towards the front door. "Where are you going dear?"

"After my obsession. I hate you." she growled as she slammed the front door to the apartment. The dark haired god whispered to the green orb still balanced on the edge of his fingers, watching as it turned to a hot gold colour before disappearing. 

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. For a reality that isn't suppose to have any werewolves, we've suddenly got a ton of werewolves)

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