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The Nosferatu Adventures s10 p10

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 258, chapter 258

Out of Time

The auburn haired male snarled as the sofa bounced beside him. The Seer had sat down so close to him, their thighs were touching. Dagan shifted over a few centimeters towards the opposite arm of the sofa.  "Would you like a cup of tea? Some cookies? A sandwich?" Matilda's voice was going at top speed as she moved around the occult shop her hands at her throat one second, then covering her face the next, then fiddling with the scarf she wore as a belt. The familiar practically beamed with giddiness over the fact Dagan was there.  He wasn't sure if she was just truly happy to see him, of if the former timber wolf still had a crush on him? Dagan figured it was a bit of both.

"I'm fine." he mumbled tilting his head to the side, his blue eyes locked on Rufus. He couldn't get over the fact the little clumsy timber pup he'd saved that day in the woods was standing before him in human form, a Familiar now. Rufus glowed with pride as he showed Dagan some of the treasures they'd managed to collect in the last few years for the shop. Swords, first editions of occult books, a large dragon statue with a crystal ball in it's mouth; the knick knacks were endless.
Dagan felt the heat once more of The Seer's knee as he changed position half way facing him on the sofa. Looking at him from the corner of his eyes, Dagan made a clicking noise with is tongue. The Seer's perfect lips began to spread as that overly confident grin of his crept over his pale features. Dagan's eyes became slits as he batted the other male's knee away from him. "Dude you're creeping me out just a bit."

"I dreamed of you. You..." The Seer reached his left arm over and patted Dagan on the hair. "You..." he began to laugh. "...were a wolf." the dark haired male gestured wildly, smacking Dagan in the face as he did. "Big wolf. Red wolf."

Dagan scratched the back of his neck grunting. "And?" he squinted up his eyes again tilting his chin at him. "You're a wolf too. Big fluffy caramel one." he pointed at the other male's seat. "Did I say fluffy, I meant annoying and...and...that butt in wolf form just gets bigger and...well fluffy. Where are you going with this?"

The Seer laughed at him, slapping the back of his knuckles on Dagan's thigh. "It was just a dream." he made a sound that was partially a huff, partially a snicker. "That's not real. No..." he shook his head his own blue eyes cast down again as he picked at the hem of his shirt. "Not real. I know that can't be real. Just because I dreamed about you doesn't mean..." he pointed towards Rufus. "I'm allowed to come outside now. It doesn't hurt to open the front door anymore." he slapped his hands together making a boom gesture. "Rufus is allowed to take me to see the strippers and I'm not in pain..." his voice trailed off as he tapped a finger on his temple. "My nightmares aren't making my skull hurt anymore, since...since...since Nosferatu rescued me."

"Rescued you? What do you mean rescued you?" the older werewolf's voice got louder as he got up from the sofa and made his way in to the little kitchen where Matilda was busy making the tea no one wanted. "What are you not telling me?"  He felt the other werewolf as he slammed into his back.

"Sorry." The Seer mumbled wiping an invisible piece of lint off Dagan's shoulders. "You're taller than me. Were you always taller than me?" he asked, another smile plastered on his face. He stood up on his tip toes, his right hand measuring his own height on the back of Dagan's skull.

"What's going on? Did he have a lobotomy or something?" the male asked hooking his thumb over his shoulder.

"Magickally speaking. Yes, you could say that." Matilda pulled Dagan a few feet away by the elbow, forcing him to bend down to her height as she leaned in whispering in his ear. "He is possessed and it's taken a ton of spells to keep the thing...sedated."

"What do you mean a ton?"

"Oh about eight and a half years worth." she bit her nails practically shaking in awe of Dagan.

"Why didn't you just un-possess him?"

"Not that simple. It's Pan. Remember, he did the same thing back in the day to Reuben, more than once."

"Yeah but everyone's been in Reuben...er um I mean, Leo even possessed Reuben." Dagan replied his hand out in front of him, palm down fingers spread as he made a slight bouncing motion with his arm. "Reuben's very open to that sort of thing...being inhabited by other men...other creatures getting up in his business..." he scuffed his feet in place as if wiping them. "I'm just making it worse aren't I?"

"Little bit." Matilda squeaked her head down, blushing.  Dagan bit his lip as he scratched at his chest the smell of something burning causing him to sniff. Pointing to the oven, he watched as Matilda turned around a few times panicking looking for her oven mitts, in order to remove the very burnt cookies from the oven. Turning himself, Dagan smashed again into The Seer. Leaning in just a half centimeter, the older werewolf snarled.

"You don't seem to like me much." The Seer commented as he patted the other male's chest. Dagan leaned over closer still, sniffing deeply. The Seer reacted by bringing his left arm up sniffing himself. "I smell fine. Clean clothes, showered this morning..."

"Na, you still smell like her."  the auburn haired male watched as The Seer pointed to Matilda. "Not that her. The other her. You know." he brought his hands up in front of them holding them first together then widening his gesture, as he moved his hands to waist level. "You know that bloodsucking moose." 

The Seer squinted up his nose tilting his head to the side, scratching at his neck. "Moose don't have any front teeth that would allow for them to be able to suck blood. I think it's medically impossible for them to be..."  Dagan rolled his eyes at him as he walked around the shorter male heading back out into the main area of the occult shop. Shuffling his feet, the auburn haired shapeshifter began to lick his fingers, running his hands over the bookshelves, the corner of the wall, the door handle marking his territory. His delicate werewolf ears twitching ever so slightly as he could still hear The Seer's soft voice in the other room, as if he were only a few millimeters away.

"Wow, they really did do a number on you didn't they? I mean, seriously, who needs to know the migration routes of the Eastern Moose or how much bark they can eat in a day. Besides, I wasn't talking about the animal moose, I was talking about her moose. My moose. Nosferatu." Dagan's voice dropped on the last sentence.

"Nosferatu is not a moose." The Seer's voice had a sing song to it. Dagan's eyebrows raised in unison as he licked his lips grabbing a handful of some sweet smelling herb from a glass jar, sniffing it before tossing it back into the jar making a face like he'd eaten something bad.

"Has she lost weight?" he asked

"Yes" Rufus said. "Well not really." Matilda commented. Both at the same time.  Dagan nodded to the room, before reaching out and grabbing a book about astrology off the shelf.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me(straight up story. Remember, in the beginning Dagan and The Seer fought for both pack alpha and our heroine.)

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