Monday, May 2, 2016

year 5 day 134

movie: Advanced Style
starring: Joyce Carpati, Debra Rapoport
genre: Documentary
format: Netflix Canada

plot: The cameras follow a group of women as they prove you don't have to be under 30 to get noticed.

As this is a documentary, there really isn't much to say other than, some of the ladies really had what I would call "style" while others just sort of had "character".

It's interesting that this started off as a blog, then became a photography book before finally becoming a documentary.  All the women are over the age of 55.  There were a few that when they introduced them, I was thinking there is no way that they more than 50 years old, but shockingly, most were in their late-60's/early 70's.
You could see a few were still striving for something big, while others were just happy to be there.

what did I learn? Personality wins every time.

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