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The Nosferatu Adventures s10 p16

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 264, chapter 264

Out of Time

The auburn haired male stood in the middle of the room both arms extended their full length, his chin down. Edric to his right, Arthur to his left. Our heroine and Detective Holmwood had returned to the occult shop to find Edric and Quentin still waiting for her, the sire bond forcing Edric to react protectively and territorial. The two nearly came to blows. "Alright alright alright! Enough!" Dagan growled towards them both, sniffing. He didn't like the idea of either of them, his own history with our heroine making him want to break both their necks. But Dagan at lest no longer had the sire bond controlling his mind. "Children settle down." he added a sing song tone to his voice clearing his throat. "Now, we're all going to just take a seat and act like non suicidal non homicidal people. No offence officer."

"Good luck with that." Quentin and Matilda both mumbled under their breath at the same time.

"Now, given I was pack alpha...I mean, ran the..." he gestured towards himself not sure what to say in front of Arthur. "As head of this household..."

"Head of this household? What are you Herman Munster?" our heroine asked crossing her arms under her chest giving her boobs a boost. The white bell sleeved dress she was wearing adding a comical note to her argument.

The Seer raised his hand sitting on the back of the sofa his socked feet resting on the one cushion. "Me. I'm better then him at it. I ran the whole Fort for the Queen. I am the real head of the household." he looked around counting everyone in the room. "I'm who you need to be looking for. I'm always who you should have been looking towards. "

"Would someone like to tell me what the bloody hell is going on here?" Arthur asked his own hands out from his sides palms up.

"It's a long story." our heroine replied.

"Well start by telling me how this guy fits in?" he pointed towards Dagan.

"We were..." our heroine made a rolling gesture. "...there was bad blood..."

"Literally." Rufus and The Seer commented at the same time. "And flowers." The Seer nodded mostly to himself as he took the laces out of his shoes and tied them into a giant knot. "Had to dig her out of his uncle's flower..."

"and now we're not." she answered quickly. 

"She slept with my uncle." Dagan added, his eyes wide leaning back slightly from the shoulders.

"...bed." The Seer grinned getting up from his spot and moving towards the door. He placed one of the knotted shoe lace on the door's threshold, and the other on the knob.

"This one?" Arthur pointed towards The Seer.

She shook her head towards Dagan. "Can't ever let that go can you?" letting her hands slap her thighs, the dress exaggerating the gesture.

"I'm her witch doctor." he replied resting his chin on Arthur's shoulder. "You have soft hair." he started petting the top of Arthur's skull. Arthur was about to say something, but he just stood there for a extra long pause not sure how to process it all.

"Hey!" Dagan screamed pointing towards The Seer before leaning around everyone and grabbing his arm. "What did I tell you about touching stuff?" he let out a soft huff.

"It's always a bad idea." The Seer replied holding his hands up in the air. "Bad touching."  He cast his blue eyes down as he started to play with his tie, removing it, and tying it into more knots.

"How about I make us some tea? Or lunch?" Matilda stood then in the doorway of the little kitchen, one hand on the doorframe, the other at her throat.

"Can we have stew? I suddenly want rabbit comes peter cotton tail..."The Seer started to sing under his breath. "Rabbit stew makes you hop and jump and swirl..." he double checked the knotted tie before moving to the window, laying it across the edge of it.


The Darkest Forest...

Reuben stood in the middle of the room, eyeing the wall. He had already moved the two bookcases over to the corners, so they left a two foot gap between them.  "You done yet?" Finn asked as he wandered into the darkened room, a large leather doctor's bag in hand.

"Almost." the werewolf replied as he placed the mirror between the two bookcases on the east wall. "There. Should do it." he took a step back, running his right hand over his beard.

"I still can't believe the Sea Witch actually told you the secret to making a magick mirror." the familiar said shaking his head. "Unreal."

"I know right? Which..." the dark haired male leaned over the edge of the one bookcase, grabbing another chunk of meat off the rabbit he'd caught and roasted. He didn't bother to tell Finn this was his third in two hours. Reuben had slowly slipped back into his old habits and addictions in the last few months since Dagan had been gone. Eating everything he could get his hands on being the top of the list. "But, if Loki wasn't such a douchebag and actually answered when we called, I wouldn't have had to." he raised his voice and eyebrow as he waited to see if the god would pop in. When all stayed silent, the werewolf shrugged, stepping back towards the mirror. "Okay nurse clawmarks, hand me the holy water."

The two followed the spell's instructions, and waited.  Within a matter of moments, the mirror's surface became covered in dust, odd patterns beginning to form in it before the colour seemed to change. Almost as if someone was turning the lights down. The two males moved closer to the mirror, as a tiny pinpoint of light appeared in the middle of it all. The little light expanding in what felt like slow motion. In actuality, it was. It took nearly another hour for the pinpoint of light to grow to the size of a fist.
The image that finally began to take solid form, was that of a small kitchen, a middle aged woman busily making sandwiches and tea. Music seemed to play in the background, as the woman sung along.

Shrugging again, Reuben tapped on the mirror. "Hello? Mirror Mirror on the wall, come and talk, tell me all."

The woman stopped dead cold as if she'd been caught doing something she shouldn't. Turning in a full circle, she faced the little mirror behind her. Dropping the spoon she had been using to mix the egg salad, she brought her hands up to her mouth. Stepping closer to her side of the mirror, she leaned in. "Oh my god! Reuben?" Matilda started to bounce up and down shaking out her hands as she reached out automatically to grab the little mirror that hung over the kitchen table. Stopping, sharply, she remembered the mirrors only worked when hanging. "Oh my god! Oh my god! Rufus! Dagan!" she screamed pointing at the mirror. "It's Reuben! He's in the wall!"

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Right, like anything works the way its suppose to for our gang.)

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