Sunday, June 5, 2016

year 5 day 150

movie: The Sapphires
starring; Chris O'Dowd, Deborah Mailman
genre: Drama, Music,
format: Netflix Canada

plot: Four women form a band and tour Vietnam during the war.

Based on the stage play, which is based on a true story

Okay, right off, I didn't care for it. Musical right, but too much of the same songs, so two shots down from me. It didn't feel like a movie. Let me rephrase that, it felt like it was a stage musical trying too hard to fit itself into a movie. Which, it was.

It's about how these four women view the world and are viewed during 1968. They are Australian, Aboriginal, and single. One a single mom. So you've got a few dynamics going on here. The single mom, is looking for a faithful husband, while her older sister is doing her best not to fall in love with their manager. But she does and realizes it almost too late, as he's shot and thought dead. One of the women is black passing for white, which is almost a second storyline on its own; and brings up the issues of how kids were taken from their families and placed in "white" communities at that time. The fourth woman has the real talent but is legally too young to be there, which causes all sorts of strife between her and the oldest.

Just when you start to get your footing in this, it's over. The movie itself takes too long to get anywhere and when it finally does, you've long since lost interest.

what did I learn? I should just stop watching musicals all together.

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